Tech mistake |Is your home feeling a little bit stale and outdated? Want to modernise the place, and futureproof it using technology? Here are some recommendations on must-have 2020 tech that every homeowner should at least consider.

Smart equipment

From voice activated lights and appliances, to smart security that’s accessible via a mobile app from anywhere in the world, kitting out your home or apartment with smart tech will almost instantly give it that modern, futuristic feel. Impressing your friends and family with gimmicks when they visit isn’t the only benefit of having technology like this, however. Many are using smart tech in order to get the most out of each and every day, programming appliances on timers and schedules so that they work around a routine and help them to succeed.

The term ‘smart home’ refers to devices that can connect together in a network, interacting with each other and creating an overall ecosystem in your house. Pair up devices such as the Amazon Echo speakers with your Phillips Hue smart lights, for example, and soon you’ll feel in control of your domain more than ever before. Perhaps the best thing about smart tech is that it’s also very easy to install and use, meaning it can benefit the lives of even the most adamant technophobe you know.

Virtual reality

With immersive, high-fidelity graphics capable of transporting you to an almost endless amount of fantasy worlds and realistic recreations of real-world events, both old and new, VR technology is something that will be increasingly adopted into the mainstream as years go by. While it might be a bit of a niche, hobbyist piece of kit to have in the home at the moment, it’s a great way of escaping those same four walls every now and again.

Did you know? – VR isn’t just being used to create new worlds and fantasy environments, but it’s also used to look forwards and project for the future. Property investment company RWinvest use virtual reality in order to show clients what their ongoing projects will look like when fully built and realised.

A new gaming console

What better way to get your home feeling next gen than by upgrading your old game systems and entertainment centres? If you’re someone that wants to have the latest and greatest technology in their living room, then you won’t want to miss out on the brand-new Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 systems when they launch in the fall.

Of course, these new consoles aren’t all games-focused, of course, and there are many other benefits. The disk version of the sleek new PlayStation 5 console, for example, will feature an upgraded 4K UHD Blu Ray player, as opposed to the standard HD Blu Ray player on the PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles. If you’ve got one of those swanky new 4K televisions, then this means you’ll be able to experience films in breath-taking quality. Pair it up with a speaker or surround system and you’ve got on your hands a movie night to remember. Invite over some friends, dim the smart lights into cinema mode, and suddenly everything will start to come together.