Tech mistake |Nowadays, freelancing jobs are getting very high payments. Some full-time workers even resign at work, and they go into freelancing. Although, the success that freelancers record varies very widely. The factors that are responsible for this variation include skill level of freelancer, quality of work and the freelancing job itself. All freelancing jobs don’t have equal pay rate. Some freelance jobs have a high pay rate. Here are some with high pay rates:

1. Content Marketing/Writing

Freelance writers are making a lot of money from writing. They are relevant in the print market as well as online market. Some content writers specialise on just one writing field while some write on several fields. For instance, some professional writers offer Thesis Writing Services to students on all topics. Regardless of the field that content writers specialise in, regular job and high payment are guaranteed for top writers. A professional writer charge about $100 per hour.

2. Programming And Software Development

Programming is a skill that is difficult to master, but those who master it earn a lot of money. There’s a high demand for programmers since there are just a few good ones around the world. This high demand is why freelance programmers make a lot of money. If you want to earn money while you coder too, you’ll have to invest some time and money into learning. You’ll need to practise a lot to develop standard coding skills.

3. Social Video Marketing

As video content marketing keeps rising, the demand for a freelancer with social marketing skill keeps rising too. On UpWork, for instance, social video marketing skill ranked at the third position on the list of fastest-growing skills. On the UpWork platform, this skill fetched over $150 per hour for freelancers. On other freelancing platforms, people pay heavily for this skill. This skill will certainly remain relevant in the future since marketing is becoming more digital every day.

4. Web Design And Development

Many websites need the services of web designers. Existing website need to upgrade their web pages as the standard of internet rises. New websites need web developers to write code for their websites too. Many people have acquired this skill, so freelancers need to specialise in a niche in this field to record great success. For example, Jonathan Wold, a specialist in WordPress which he uses to build websites and he makes more than $5000 per month.

5. Graphic Design

Skilled designers earn well nowadays that different people need various kinds of designs. There’re different categories of designs. There are logo designs, icon design, infographic design, and so forth. Creativity is a major requirement for graphic designing. Top graphic designers earn around $80 or more per hour.


If you hope to take up a freelance job, you must check if it has a high pay rate. If you’re starting any of the ones that we mentioned above, you’ll undoubtedly get good payments so far you’re skilled in it.