Tech mistake |The global gaming industry is enjoying a Halcyon phase as the market is replete with high-end gaming and affordable consoles. Of all the systems that have captured the imagination of the gaming aficionados, the Sony PlayStation 4 occupies the top spot in terms of popularity. PS4 comes equipped with some exclusive built-in features that facilitate an unparalleled and unique VR gaming experience.

However, in order to make the most of the Sony’s PS4 console, you’ll indispensably need specific standalone accessories. And one of these accessories is the extension cable required for hooking up with the built-in cable/ camera combination. Unfortunately, the cable that Sony provides falls short of the length required for connecting with the premium camera.

The problem becomes compounded as the company does not provide an appropriate cable extension that can be integrated with the proprietary camera and cable combination. So, buying a separate cable extension is your only option for getting around the problem. But choosing a suitable or compatible extension cable for your PS4 could be an uphill task, given the availability of a myriad variety of products.

What is so extraordinary about the PS4 camera cable?

Sony, true to type, wants every one of its products and offerings to stand out from the crowd. And that holds true for the Sony PS4-the console comes with a USB receptacle or port that will only accept a particular extension cable. Hence, it boils down to sifting through a diverse variety of products for zeroing in on the one that will serve the purpose.

Considerations for selecting a suitable extension cable for PS4 camera

You will come across a near-infinite variety of cable extensions, each with its distinct features. So, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a suitable product from amongst the assortment available. If you have been using the PS4 for a long period of time, you’ll surely know that one and only specific type will work with the gaming console.

Therefore, you will have to take certain factors into consideration before you make up your mind for once and for all:-

  • First and foremost assess the length or span between the PS4 and the place where you usually position yourself for gaming. Make a note of this distance and choose a cable extension whose total length is a couple of feet more than the measured extent. Opting for an extra-long extension cable guarantees that you are able to move about freely.
  • Use one and only one extension cable for hooking up with the PS4 camera.

The best PS4 camera extension cables

Calibur 11 Camera Extension Cable

The camera extension cable from Calibur 11 is thoroughly compliant with your Sony PS4. You can hook the cable extension with the PS4’s camera/cable combination without having to worry about any loss of signal. The package includes a 2-meter male to female cable extension that you just need to connect with the PS4 for enjoying hi-tech video games and movies in VR.

This extension cable from Calibur 11 was one of the first to hit the markets when it became clear the proprietary cable fell short of expectations. The cable extension is 6.5 feet in length and has a precise profile that allows you to plug it in and get going instantly. The majority of game enthusiasts who bought this cable have praised the product effusively.

Users of this extension cable have iterated that it was conveniently easy to connect the same. On the other hand, you have enough leeway in moving around while using the PS4, thanks to the cable’s length. Most importantly, the cable is extremely durable and resilient, enabling you to use it for years on end.


UGREEN USB 2.0 Extension Cable Active Type A Male to Female Repeater Extender Cord

The USB 2.0 Extension Cable active type ‘A’ male to female repeater extender cord works perfectly with your desktop, USB headset, Oculus Rift, Xbox Kinect, PS4, and a host of other digital devices. This extension cable for PS4 from UGREEN is thicker compared to most other similar products. On the other hand, the cable is remarkably long at 15 feet, offering you good leeway in moving around, after you have effectively set it up with the PS4 camera.

This repeater extender cord facilitates high-speed data transfer at the rate of up to 480Mbps. The built-in FE1.1s low-power signal booster chipset guarantees seamless performance without causing any signal loss. The oxygen-free copper conductor wires sheathed in aluminum foil which in turn is housed inside a thick PVC casing makes the extension cable durable.

USB Extension Cable Extender Cord for PS by SCOVEE

The USB Cable Extension from SCOVEE has been innovatively designed and created to seamlessly extrapolate your USB connection to a multiplicity of USB peripherals. You can link this extension cable to the USB 2.0 port of your PS4, PC, Oculus VR, printer, scanner, camera card reader, and external hard drive, and so on. The core is composed of gold-plated, rust-resistant connectors that ensure excellent signal clarity with minimal signal interference.

The casing constructed from aluminum alloy makes the extension cable incredibly durable and also facilitates high-speed data transfer. The 6.6ft length may not allow you to move freely but is sufficient for connecting with your PS4’s camera.