Tech mistake |The digital ways of life have made people forget about owning and using alarm clocks and watches in their bedrooms and homes. The majority of people currently own iPhones that serve the alarm duties and accomplishes the time management setup. People have testified that the iPhone Clock Docks are trusted and work a lot better than other ordinary alarms. The iPhone has a feature of a clock app that displays the World Clock which helps you set and view the time. Although it does not display on a full screen, it serves its purpose pretty well and can be accompanied by third-party apps.

How To Set Time Using an iPhone

Setting the alarm is as easy asABC; First things first, open the Clock app and draw on the Alarm tab button. Press the – or + buttons to spin the wheel and adjust the desired alarm time. Several optional settings come handy in making the alarm snooze successful. First, set the re-occurrence of the alarm. Second, pick the desired sound from the alarm sounds and the volume. Third, remember to check the snoozing frequency. It is important to also check whether the time is correctly set in either AM orPM then tap to save.

How to Edit an Existing Alarm

The iPhone gadget has made it possible for the user to edit or delete the already existing alarms. To edit the time, simply use the edit button on the upper left corner of the screen. Tap the alarms you want to change, adjust and insert the correct time to save. Always remember that your alarm is a one-time event. The moment you turn it off you have to turn it on the next time you need it. You can as well set the repeat option to sound automatically or make use of the iPhone Alarm Clock Docks.

What is an iPhone Alarm Clock Dock

This is a 2 in 1 device that has the capability of working as a music system and as an alarm. This device aid in charging the iPhone devices and boost your music time especially if you have a lighting connector feature. Generally, all this can be handled by a well-functioning iPhone Clock Dock. There are multiple types of Alarm Clock docks in the market; the majority of them have radio connectivity ability, live music, and many more features. It makes it easy for you to make use of your favorite music or a fine novel wake-up call.

Why you need an iPhone Clock Dock

Everyone would wish to have an iPhone Alarm Clock Dock which comes with some coded benefits. The most important features of this device are its ability to charge the phone, use a novel wakeup call and stream music from your device. This makes the use more fulfilling and exceptional for music lovers and creates a cozy morning mood.

Additionally, the device is equipped with several alluring features such as well installed high-end speakers that produce phenomenal melodies from the in-built radio. Others have Bluetooth connectivity that helps the user to connect and use the iPhone remotely. They also come with a remote control which makes it easy for the user to manage and control at a distance. Amazingly, the iPhone Clock Dock has several USB ports meaning that you can charge several devices at a go.

The Significance of iPhone Clock Dock

I bet you have never come across a device that has an auto-sync feature that automatically adapts to your iPhone device settings. This and much more enticing advantages are as discussedbelow:

  • Double Alarm: The device enables you to simultaneously set your alarm any day (weekdays or weekends.)
  • Charging ability: This is enhanced by the use of either USB or wireless charging. This device is capable of charging more than one device. The iPhone Clock Dock gives you the pleasure to charge your phone wirelessly as well as using your USB cable.
  • Music Streaming: You can easily stream music from your iPhone device to the iPhone Clock Dock. Ithas well-installed speakers that echo the music melodies loud and clear.
  • Bluetooth Feature: The iPhone Clock Dock has a strong Bluetooth connectivity feature that helps in the wireless streaming of music. It also helps you get rid of the irritating connecting cables.
  • Clear Display: The device makes it easy to view the time in darkness or when sleepy. So, there is no worry of missing out on reading the alarm time.
  • Radio Connectivity: It has radio connectivity that makes it possible for you to listen to your favorite radio station.It also comes with a performing remote control.


Having discussed the advantages of having an iPhone alarm Dock, it is clear to make a wise choiceso as not to lose. Getting this device will always remain the better option as long as it is working as per your expectations. Every iPhone user wishes to have a full package of well-functioning iPhone Clock Dock.The chosen iPhone Clock Dock shouldbe affordable, easy to operate, have a functioning Bluetooth and many more. Make your choice today!