Tech mistake |I experienced data invasion and piracy. What now? Intrusion and / or attacks that focus on data piracy, regardless of size or segment, often occur in companies. Managers and security professionals continue to look for solutions in the market to minimize incidents and respond effectively and efficiently to digital security incidents – including intrusion testing playing an important role.

While knowing that prevention is always the best way, and hope you will never have a terrible experience when your system is hacked and company data is hijacked, you must anticipate it.
The first step in detecting corporate network violations is to trigger an incident response plan, canceling the attacker’s attempts to avoid network defenses. Furthermore, managers and responsible staff need to act quickly to restore the network to its usual state for business continuity.

The first 48 hours are very important. It focuses on investigating and gathering information (equipment, systems that were violated, how it happened, what information and data was stolen), is important to reach the source, and also determine which steps are most effective to ensure network integrity.

Experts warn: The united and aligned team will now make all the difference in decision making, especially in assessing the impact of the incident, where facts will be important and not assumptions or suggestions.

Beware! Your business can lose more than the data, reputation and trust that is at stake. Many motivating causes include: theft of the company’s customer base, political, ideological problems, actions that damage the reputation of the brand or even malicious employees.

As important as prevention, routine backup is important to counter the consequences of the threat. Companies that maintain current backup procedures (with regular actions and constant integrity checks) have fewer problems dealing with threats and may even fail to pay a ransom if files can be easily recovered from available copies. You have to secure your data but you need a special tool for that.

You need raid data recovery software!

There is a variety of such software on the market but only a few of them are truly effective. Here is what we consider to be the best raid data recovery software of 2019.

That is SalvageData! Why?

Everything certainly has reasons including why we recommend this software as the best raid data recovery software. SalvageData can recover various types of data on a variety of storage devices; PCs, hard drives, virtual servers, memory cards, NAS / SAN storage and so on. Whatever your data storage device is, you can count on Salvagedata. With a recovery rate of up to 96% for any hard drive data recovery, this software is the best among competitors. Not only recovery, this software also offers free evaluation and delivery for each user.


Other advantages:

– SalvageData can estimate whether your system has data that can be recovered.
– SalvageData provides a full warranty; if you can’t recover your data, you don’t have to pay.
– To start the recovery process, you only need to fill in the simple forms provided. Send and let this software work immediately.
– SalvageData is the first company (in the data recovery segment) to receive SOC Type 3 certification. Not only SOC Type 3, SalvageData has also passed ISO-5 Certified Clean Room and SOC 2 Type III certifications.
– They are official partners of the US government.
– Has received many awards and credentials.

It is clear that SalvageData is needed to secure your system. Working with the best data recovery service is the best thing you can expect if you experience cyber attacks. Thank you for reading!