Tech mistake |Sanitary Butterfly Valve, also called a butterfly hygienic valve, is widely popular flow control device that finds high utility in food, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries. In simple terms, it is similar to mechanical switches that have an ability to turn the pipe off/on and control the amount of material passing through it.

Construction and Operating Principle
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The valve body, valve disc, and other components of sanitary valve are created by using stainless steel. Its stainless steel is positioned in the center of the pipe. The disc consists of rods on top and bottom that is attached to a handle or actuator on the valve’s body. A seat in the shape of a rubber donut is positioned between the body and butterfly. When the handle is turned, it also turns the disc parallel or perpendicular to its flow. The valve openings have a specific pipeline diameter which enables the free flow of fluids when valves are open.

A sanitary butterfly valve is quite similar to a quarter turn valve. When the handles rotate 90 degrees, a quarter turn valve can be opened or closed. The metal disc is also called the “butterfly”, its moment depends on whether the valve is closed or open, partially or fully. If the valve is opened partially, it means that the disc won’t provide an unrestricted passage. On the other hand, if it is opened fully, it enables fluid or air to pass through it.
It is designed with multiple positions, so one can open the valve slowly to create less pressure on the device.

The valve seal could be affected by disk compression, against interior parts of the rubber seal. The seal materials are available in EPDM, Viton, and Silicone and the sizes range from 1” through 4”. The configurations every butterfly sanitary valve differs. There are few that operate manually, while others are automatic. They vary in their styles, few of them offer high performance in systems such as large pump lines and front section.
Salient Features

● Its full-bore design helps to block the flow of solid components, such as granules, powder, and other similar material.
● As the surface of the valves is stainless and smooth, it is highly resistant to any corrosion. The sanitary valves help save expenses of changing the degraded and rustic valves.
● They are also really easy to clean as its surface is polished, it frees one from the cumbersome task of regular cleaning.
● The sanitary valves can be easily automated with double rack and pinion pneumatic actuators. Manufacturers offer different switch package to mount to their range of actuators.
● It is characterized as a simple structure i.e. small size, lightweight with small installation space. Even the driving torque is small, simple and rapid.
● One must know that the butterfly valve comes with a clamp end, so it is very easy assemble or disassemble it when cleaning or working in some compact space. It’s a Special Design for minimal turbulence and maximum flow.
● They are water hammer free and insensitive to pressure shocks from the pipeline.
● It has high SIP and CIP capabilities.
● It is highly durable and requires less maintenance.
● It comes with Lightweight properties
● Highly polished wetted parts and Compact
How to Find and Buy the Best Sanitary Butterfly Valve
While the operating principle and general features of the sanitary valve remain the same, each manufacturer differs on their offerings. Few essential things to remember before making a purchase are as follows:
● Sanitary butterfly valves, aka butterfly hygienic valve, are a part of the commodity market, therefore there will always be a cheaper one available. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a high-performing valve that meets your process requirements at an affordable cost.
● It is crucial for valves to function smoothly, without any friction. One should read specifications given by each manufacturer, for high durability and quality.

  • The consumers should be careful about handle style and material style before making any purchases. All manufacturers do not offer 304 and 316 valves. It is also difficult to find the right MTRs and Cs. In these situations, the right distributor helps to identify the most suitable valve based on your industry needs. Some common handles in addition to the standard quarter turn handle include adjustable without lockout hub, a padlock handle to lock the valve in place, 9 position handles, and manual handles that are equipped with proximity switches.

The valves used specifically for these industries, require high attention on specifications such as pressure, break torque, flow coefficient, temperature, and standard diameter size & weight. One should use the details to cover the maximum functional capacity as per the demands and needs of every client. The valve manufacturers are aware of the need for customizing valves for their clients and designing top-quality materials for them that function efficiently in all environments. These sanitary butterfly valves can be actuated manually or automatically by using electricity. Sanitary butterfly valves come in a broad variety makes, designs & models to serve different purposes and deliver maximum benefit for the users. All features of the valves provide assurance that they will meet the industry standards and serve the intended function with great efficiency.

It is advised to get sanitary butterfly valves from a government-approved, certified manufacturer that is active in the industry, has years of experience and can supply to many customers. Moreover, ensure that all tools, fittings, and fixtures are tested before the purchase to ensure that you get the best goods with zero issues. The professional manufacturers offer regular repair and maintenance so that the product continues to operate efficiently. The products should be thoroughly inspected and the surfaces ought to be polished effectively to reflect a bright finish. It is essential for the valves to function efficiently and smoothly without any errors. Always ensure that all requirements and standards are met while fabrication of valves.

The top-notch sanitary valves are a result of years of testing and research. Its simple design and quicker maintenance help to save time, reduce cost and increase productivity.

At last, there is a genuine sanitary valve suitable for use in such applications. It is imperative to select a first-rate product to meet your industry needs.