Tech mistake |Do you ever manage to get a file which isn’t in the present in your desired format? Well, with new technology arising every day, you can change the format of your file to your desired format in an instant with online converters. Here are a couple of top online file converters which can help you and make changing a files format easy. These are very useful and have an amazing variety of conversions for your ease.

Online convert free:

This online converter lets you convert files easily, fast and free. This converter consists of:

  • Images converter.
  • Document converter.
  • Audio converter.
  • Books converter.
  • Video converter.
  • Archive converter.

This online converter is very easy to use and is a free converter. All you have to do is open the site and choose the desired file which you want to convert. After choosing the file, the site lets you choose more files if you wish to convert them too and click on “convert” and your files are converted in a blink. This is one of the top converters, and you can convert many files together and quicker, which doesn’t waste time.

File zigzag:

This converter also needs an email to convert a file, so if comfortable; this is a good service. Just browse file, enter your wanted format and email and click to receive a URL through an email. This site also gives you an option to delete the converted file or upload it to cloud or to convert the converted again if not satisfied.

Convert files:             

This converter gives you an option of input and output converting of files. With this converter you can convert:

  • Images
  • Files
  • Documents
  • videos
  • Music etc.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps: browse your file, select desired format and click the convert button to achieve your file. You shall get a link when the conversion is completed to get your newly converted file.


Zamzar is a tough competition to almost all the file converting sites. It is super easy to use with remarkable results. This converting site has little different rules than the previous sites. This site asks for an email to give you your desired format, so if you’re comfortable with sharing your email then this converter is for you! This converter also has more than 1200 file conversion types, so it’s very useful and less time-wasting.

Steps: the following simple steps should be followed to convert a files format.

  • Select file or URL.
  • Select the desired format.
  • Enter the email address.
  • Convert by agreeing to terms and conditions.


Aconvert is another converter which also has many converting options which lets you convert audio, image, archive etc. This file gives an option to choose what things to change and what not to change. To change a files format you have to select a file or URL, then select the desired format which you want your file to be changed into and then choose what you want to change in the file. Click on “convert now” to get the best results.