Tech mistake |As a democratic leader, it is my sole responsibility to make sure that not only myself but also my entire team participates in most of the decision-making rules (Anderson & Sun, 2017). Decision-making processes involve one of the most fundamental aspects of leadership. Without the formulation of proper policies, leadership tends to get difficult, especially considering that all people have their specific preferences. The democratic style of leadership promotes and helps in the growth of social equality.

Therefore, if I have a development project, for instance, with few crucial team members like the manager, accountant, book-keeper, and lawyer, my leadership style explains that I ought to involve all participants equally in all decisions (Cunningham, Salomone, & Wielgus, 2015). The process helps in delivery of splendid results as characters like accountant and book-keepers have more knowledge that me in different sectors. The key point of the democratic type of leadership is to offer guidance and direction in different cases. Therefore, if the project brought together the mentioned characters, I ought to make sure that I give a clear mission and vision for the team.

Even though the democratic type of leadership contributes as my stronghold, I have one competency that ought to receive utmost attention, especially in cases of miscommunication and the lack of right allocation of roles and responsibilities. The case of leadership with the team possessing an accountant, book-keeper, manager, and lawyer failed because of lack of proper communication (Nawaz & Khan_ PhD, 2016). The project focused on purchasing a piece of real estate to change and sell back to the market. Even though all members equally participated in the project, I realized that there developed miscommunications among the team members. The accountant, for instance, constantly collided with the lawyer about the mortgage rates. I realized that I did not properly divide the proper roles that led to the miscommunication (Arnold, et. al). In turn, the miscommunication caused the entire team the project as it did not come to fruition, proving that I ought to work on my weaknesses shown by my leadership style.

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