Tech mistake |Having a business, whether it is an already established or beginning industry, can be a bit demanding. Especially on how files are stored or kept in your small office might be a problem to many individuals. These files can be of financial returns, how the business has been performing, client information and day-day performance of the company. One might have a challenge due to a heap of files that one has to look at in one day more so if the data are in hard copy. Thanks to technological advancements we can quickly fill files using our computers and store them for future reference. It is an excellent option to manage your records using file center DMS for better results. However, one cannot rely entirely on computers to store files and walk with it every place they go. Hard copies of records have significant meaning and impact on the survival and growth of your business. Most people prefer hard copy rather than soft copies. Hence, if you are wondering how you will keep, all the files on your desk in that small or house office, worry no more because there are systems and ways you can use that little space in your office and have impeccable space storage for your file. Here are 11 File Organization ideas for a small or house office.


This File center is among the best options you could consider having in your small or house office. In your office, you must have a table, and thus you might choose the size of the table depending on the files you have on the table. You can consider having drawers stalled in your office table. File drawers will help you label each drawer containing a group of files for easy accessibility. So as not to fixate the drawers you might as well keep some records in your computer for future reference.

 Reasons to consider having file drawers as a file organization system in your office.

  1. It saves space in your small or house office.
  2. Offers easy accessibility of files when needed.
  3. The drawers can be labeled to avoid time consumption when searching for files.


This file center for storage of files in your small or house office is highly efficient, thus recommended to use. It has a structure just like a filing cabinet since it has Pendaflex products that provide space for each category of files you might need to store together for future reference and easy accessibility. Hanging file Folders occupies less space in your office; thus, when you are in a hurry to attend that important business meeting this file center is the best option for you. Here Biz Fluent has some informative suggestions about its implementations.

Why recommend Hanging File Folders?

  1. Files are arranged neatly and in categories.
  2. Files are easily accessible.
  3. It occupies less space in the office.


This file center for organizing your files is very suitable for that small or house office. It has unique structures such as boxes that come with it; thus, you have less problem storing your data. All you have to do is keep the files in the available boxes.

Here are the reasons why you should consider having File Boxes in your small/house office today.

  1. Offers boxes that one can store in files.
  2. It occupies less space in your office.
  3. Files are easily accessed
  4. It is less time consuming when in a hurry to get a specified folder.


This file center for storing files is often mainly used for Microsoft Office. One drive is specifically for digital cloud storage in your laptop or office computer.  With One Drive file center, you do not have to worry about how you will access your files as this can be done even with your mobile phone. Thus you can access these files anytime and anywhere regardless of your geographical location. The ZD Net will give you some extra knowledge on this point.

Why I recommend OneDrive

  1. It works well with Microsoft Office,
  2. Files can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
  3. It is possible to access the files through the mobile phone.


If you are searching for a file center to store your files, then this is the option for you. This storage system is very reliable in file storage and organization in your small office. With Neat, you can keep track of the profits and losses the business is enduring as well as the bookkeeping in your computer. This educational video on You Tube has shown complete overview on bookkeeping.


  1. Aids in keeping track of expenses in your business,
  2. Requires no space in your office as it is in software.
  3. It also allows the integration of bookkeeping in a software device.


In one way or another, we have come across a document that is bound. This file center storage system has a similar structure to that of bound material. In this file center, you can store files of different categories in one binder. This file center will require one to have excellent organizational skills for easy accessibility of data when needed.

Reasons you should start using Blinders in small or house office today.

  1. Different categories of files stored in one binder.
  2. It occupies less space in the office.
  3. Can store many files in one binder.


File Folders is a very efficient file center that you can consider having in your office. With this file center storage system, you need just a couple of hard copy files. It is vital to label the folders for easy accessibility.  This file storage system may fail to satisfy an individual who has many files; thus, you can use this file center beside other file centers such as in your computer.

Why choose this system of organizing files in your office?

  1. It occupies less space in the office.
  2. Easy to label hence, easy accessibility.
  3. Occupies a couple of physical files in the office.


This file center is the best option to consider as a person who owns a small or house office. It has features somehow similar to binders and folders. The great thing about this file center is that there are blank spaces where you have to fill information regarding the file that is to be stored. This aids one to easily access a specific, and it occupies less space. This system of arrangement one of best and you can consider settling for it. With the project organizer record information regarding the projects on the folders is easy; therefore, the problem of confusing files during presentation time is low. Hence, as a business owner, make this your best friend, and you will be amazed.

Why select this File Centre?

  1. Each file is clearly labeled and the project it entails.
  2. It occupies less office space.


In your office, you might be using a variety of file centers to store and organize your files, which is very important. The color-coded folders can be drawers, folders, binders, among others. But how easy can it be accessing files in colored folders? It will be effortless and less time-consuming. Thus with this file center, every folder has a different color, and are labeled for easy accessibility. Therefore you don’t have to strain to get that file during the search. Colors are attractive to our eyes. Most vibrant color lovers will use this system because you can quickly tell where a particular file is just by the color of its folder. How cool is that? It is breathtaking. Color brings beauty on earth and with colors in your office, the glamour will be captivating to you as the owner as well as any person who comes in your office.

Why Color-Coded Folders?

  1. It will occupy less office space.
  2. The folders marked in different colors for easy visibility.
  3. There is easy assessability of files in the office


If you are looking for a file center system that offfers easy access to files anytime Mailbox organizer is the solution. With Mailbox Organizer, you can arrange data according to their specific categories in the drawers. Its drawers are in the open like structure thus you don’t have to strain to get that file.  Mailbox Organizer system is used mostly preferred in schools, but in your small office, you can have one that occupies less space. Make sure you label the small boxes for easy visibility when finding a specified file. Make sure you place it in a place where you can easily walk to it and remove that given file with ease and no straining. Remember this is your small office, it likes your small house so you can choose a beautiful paint color  for your Mailbox Organizer to bring the glamour and beauty in your home

You might be wondering why you would need such a system in your home. Here are the benefits;

  1. It offers easy access to any file at any given time.
  2. The boxes are easy to organize in terms of categories of files.
  3. The boxes have labels for easy access.


A hanging letter Bin is what you need in your small or home office. This file center is among the best options you should consider using to store your files. It offers easy visibility in accessing data in seconds. It also occupies less office space. Letter Bin have structures like a letter when in a horizontal position. It has areas that are already there to keep those files that have been piling up on your office table. You can have this Letter Bin system just near your office table. Don’t forget to label the files as well as the Bins with a fountain pen for easy visibility and access.

Here are some of the reasons why you should get this for your small or house office today.

  1. Offers quick access to a particular file.
  2. It requires less office space.
  3. Can be placed just near your office table, thus no straining.


Having a small office can be strenuous in terms of organization and accessibility of files that you are in dire need of at a given time. Hence, it is crucial to use less space to fit all the physical data in your small or house office. Excellent organization skills talk a lot about a person’s personality. You don’t want your small office that has a little space to be filled with papers and files all over till making a move from the door to the table become a struggle. Definitely no. Therefore, as a teacher, a business person, a  designer, a photographer, an artist, or a Real estate Agent, you need to make good use of that small space. Make sure the office is sparkling clean and that all files are always well arranged in their categories depending on what they entail. Hence this is where we recommend you get one of the systems as mentioned earlier for your small office or home. Here is where all these file centers come into rescue.