Tech mistake |CompTIA Security+ is one of the major CompTIA certifications, and it is among the most recognized credentials around the world. It is an entry-level certificate for IT security. The certification tests the candidate’s knowledge and skills needed to accomplish major functions in IT security.It is a very important credential that can open your way to the highest possible heights of the Information Technology industry. Earning it requires dedication and the use of verified study resources like those from Examsnap.

CompTIA Security+: Exam details

To become CompTIA Security+ certified, you have to take the SY0-501 certificationexam and get at least the passing score (750 out of 900). There are 90 questions in this test. There may also be other extra questions that are usually used for the purposes of research. Additional questions meant for research are not usually graded. The time limit for the Security+ exam is 90 minutes. The available languages are Simplified Chinese, English, Portuguese, and Japanese.

The Security+ exam covers a range of topics. Some of these topics include:

  • Cryptography
  • Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Network Security
  • Access Control and Identity Management
  • Host Security, Data and Application

CompTIA Security+: Preparation tips

When you are preparing for the CompTIA Security+ exam, you should build a study strategy of your own. The following simple tips will help you pass your SY0-501 test with relative ease.

  1. Develop a good study plan

Before you start studying for your Security+ test, you should first develop a simple study plan which works best for you. Plan your study around your convenient time. To be able to know your convenient time, you should know your daily schedule and then find out what times you are available to study.Make sure that your blueprint is structured in a manner that it covers all the topics and key concepts of the exam.

  1. Prepare with practice tests

Preparing for CompTIA Security+ using practice tests is an excellent way of studying for the SY0-501 certification exam. You can either decide to take practice tests after you are through with your study or focus mainly on this preparation tool as your main study strategy.You can find a lot of practice tests through different study resources. For instance, you can find them in books, in blogs, and at various sites. One of the best places to get verified practice testsis Examsnap.

When you take more practice tests, you will know your weak and strong areas. That way, you will be able to focus your time and resources on the areas that you still don’t understand. To get started, begin with practice tests from one domain of the test at a time. This way, you will be able to gauge yourself accordingly as you progress with your preparation.

When taking a practice test, you should time yourself and try to finish the questions within the time limit that is usually allocated for the real exam. Take as many practice tests as possible until you are able to complete answering all the questions within the allocated time limit. Taking practice tests gives you the real-situation experience that you need to excel in your CompTIA Security+ exam.

  1. Review all the exam objectives

The CompTIA Security+ exam is divided into various different domains that comprise of different objectives of the test. To prepare effectively for SY0-501, make sure you review all the exam objectives. Focus your time on the exam objectives because the questions are normally set based on objectives.

  1. Use exam dumps

Exam dumps are very useful resources when you are preparing for any IT certification test. They are exams that have been set and framed in the same way as the real test. When you use braindumps, you will have a deep understanding of how the real questions in the real exam will look like. Be sure to use dumps from approved sources. Examsnap is one of the leading platforms of providing exam dumps for CompTIA Security+. This website offers braindumps that have been approved by the experienced professionals who are CompTIA Security+ certified and had passed their exams with flying colors.

  1. Join an online forum

Online forums are communities where you can engage with your peers and hold discussions, or get any help concerning the IT certification exam you are preparing for from the experts and fellow candidates. There are so many popular online forums that are controlled by CompTIA Security+ certified professionals.

Just identify a great online forum and join and become a member. You will meet certified security administrators who will provide you with the simple tips and strategies they used to prepare for their tests. You will also have the opportunity to share your experience especially with other candidates who are also preparing for the same exam. Before you join any online forum, it’s advisable that you ensure that it is a credible community.

  1. Take training courses

While self-study can be an effective option for some people, it might not be the best option for you. So, you can opt to take training courses for the CompTIA SY0-501 exam as a way of studying for the certification and preparing for the test. Just like all the other IT certification exams, the Security+ test is also built around specific major concepts. For you to excel in your certification exam, you should first learn the key concepts in which the test is built on. Taking a training course is one of the most effective ways of learning these concepts.

The training courses that a candidate pursuing the Security+ credential should take to clear the exam include:

  • Risk Management
  • Tools and Technologies
  • Cryptography and Public Key Infrastructure
  • Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Attacks
  • Design and Architecture


The most important thing to do when you want to excel in your CompTIA Security+ examis to master all your technical skills and take a lot of exam questions and practice tests before taking the real SY0-501. You will find all these at Examsnap.