Tech mistake |A website with 508 compliance can ensure accessibility, visibility, readability, and understandability for all users with different forms of disability. The designers should conform to the various sections of the regulations.

Some of the features are the conversion from Text to sound, sound to Text, screen magnification, sub-titles on videos, etc. According to surveys, they are helpful for everyone, including those without any forms of disability. Voice sensitive applications and websites are useful for those who have impaired hands. It means several users can utilize the websites and apps comfortably.

The other aspect of web design is to increase its reach to the maximum number of users across the internet. Hence, the site should be SEO compliant. By combing the two aspects, it is possible to get continuous website traffic to a commercial or non-commercial website.

Elements of Website


There are many methods for making images SEO compatible. Using the relevant fast loading images with proper caption, Alt-Text, and connecting keywords can make it accessible to online searchers. There are specific simple criteria for making it match with the maximum number of searches.

  • Filename of the image should be meaningful and relevant (ex:- Eifel-Tower-during-Sunset instead of 123.jpg)
  • The images should be resized to ensure lightweight and clear visibility
  • The image should have the same clarity with and without color (for 508 compliance)


Graphics should have relevant captions, titles, and legend. If there are any charts (ex: Pie-chart), the relation between chart elements and the legends. It should be visible clearly with and without color. So, the recommended practice could be to use stripes, dots, and other patterns. They will remain the same for colors, black, white, and grey, etc. It is to ensure 508 compliance.

For SEO compliance, the graphics should have Alt + Text with relevant caption, title, keyword, and description. They have to be relevant to the Text and tables associated with them.


Statistical and mathematical tables have to be in the Text within rows and columns. The designers may use style-sheets for the creation of tables. It should be possible to change the size, rows, and columns of the tables through code. The designers should not use any form of screenshots which cannot be changed later. These guidelines are for 508 compliance.

For SEO, the table should be in the form of a dataset. It should be relevant to the Text in which it is placed. It should improve the data quality that is presented within the document. It should have additional structured data to attract the attention of search engines like Google.  Having keywords in its description, title, and caption can attract more numbers of searches.


For 508 compliance, the navigation should be in the form of Text as well as buttons. The designers can also add voice commands wherever applicable. The users should be able to know the page number or title in which they are currently browsing without any ambiguity.