Tech mistake |PCBs are extremely popular pieces of tech that are used every single day. While you might find a PCB in your TV or games console, you can also find one in medical devices such as X-ray screens and CT scanners. PCBs are everywhere but what is PCB?

PCB stands for printed circuit board and it is an advanced tech product that doesn’t have any wires – the connections are simply etched on. Here, we are going to look at some of the common uses of PCBs. Make sure to keep reading if you’d like to find out more.


PCBs are used a lot across the industrial sector, especially in businesses which involve manufacturing. You’ll find PCBs in things such as power equipment, measuring equipment and general industrial equipment like presses or assembly machines. Not only are PCBs manufactured in places like this, but they are also pretty useful there. For PCBs to be used in industry, they need to be able to withstand extreme conditions and for this, a rigid-flex PCB is often used.


One of the biggest industries to use PCBs regularly is the medical industry. In the medical industry, you’ll find PCBs in things such as scanning equipment like X-ray screens, medical monitoring devices and in instruments that are used in research. PCBs that are used in the medical industry need to be held to a high standard as they need to be relied on by those who are working with patients in need of medical help.


If you are still wondering what a PCB is and why it matters then you should know that most of your household appliances require one of these small circuit boards. You’ll find PCBs in your microwave, alarm clock, coffee maker and even your smartphone that you need to have on you at all times. PCBs are everywhere and once you think about it and do your research, you’ll realise this.


Finally, you will find that PCBs are present in some of the automotive devices that you use every single day. Your navigation systems such as satellite navigation use PCBs to operate. Other devices include your radio in your car, your power supplies, built-in sensors, fuel regulators and much more. When PCBs are created properly, they can be used to improve safety on the road, and this is a very positive thing.


You might be surprised at just how many PCBs are created every day and the products that they appear in. Your household devices and the different parts of your cars all use these printed circuit boards and rely on them to continue functioning properly. Now that you know a bit more about these circuit boards, you can start to think about how your different gadgets are made. Have a look around your room right now and you will be sure to find plenty of products that are kitted out with an advanced PCB inside.