Tech mistake |Snoring is mainly associated only with men, but women can also suffer from this disorder. Although this is something that people simply get used to, experts warn that it should not be ignored because it can lead to more serious disorders. Obstructive sleeping anorea occurs in both men and women, and can have serious repercussions on the body.


Sleeping apnea is a breathing disorder that occurs as a result of muscle weakening around the airway, so they narrow down and the air can not normally pass. Therefore, in the course of the night, the illness occurs that people up to 30 times per hour they stop breathing for 10 seconds, and some even longer.


Because of this, our brain can never be completely relaxed and we can not enter a night of deep sleep, but we are always at the first or second stage. As a result, there is constant drowsiness and fatigue. In some people, insomnia is so severe that they uncontrollably fall into sleep during the day.

Some worse cases also suffer from depression.


People who are obese or older than 50 years have a greater chance of getting ill. Doctors estimate that 80% of the patients do not have any diagnoses at all.

High blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cardiac and stroke, and obesity are some of the consequences of this disorder. Also, patients have a greater chance of experiencing an accident in the car because they can not maintain concentration due to insufficiency sleep.


The solution exists. if you feel you have excess pounds, it would be best to first reduce this surplus by reducing your diet. Reduce or eliminate the use of alcohol, sedatives and tablets that cause muscle relaxation.

You can ask and learn more about snoring mouthpiece, a device similar to a prosthesis that prevents the jaw from moving backwards and prevents the tongue from falling into the throat.


It’s easier for many to ignore this problem because they do not understand what are the serious consequences for your health that can endanger your life.

Change your lifestyle, including physical activity in your life, quit bad habits. If snoring has grown into a serious problem, there are devices that can help you, but in the end if none of this helps, then you will need surgery, but with time you have to solve this problem and solve it more efficiently, painlessly and without any side effects.