Tech misrake |Are you interested in becoming part of your student council? Whether you want to become part of your student council as the treasurer, president, vice-president or myriad of other roles, you’ll likely need to be elected.

Most schools in the United States hold elections in which the school votes democratically on who they would like to represent them. While some people see this as a popularity contest, many others view the student council as very important to the school itself.

In fact, the school often consults student council when making big changes or implementing new policies.

In this article, we’ll go over how to win a school election to help you achieve your dreams.

What is a Student Council?

A student council is primarily American and Canadian. It is comprised of students from every grade in the school. Typically, the more senior positions, like student body president or vice-president go to older students. In high schools, the school president is usually a senior.

Schools may also have a class president to represent each grade level. And, some schools may also have class representatives so that each class can have a say in different school matters.

Student councils often meet during or after school. They will discuss upcoming events, plan them and also liaise with the faculty of the school.

How Do Student Council Elections Work?

Student council elections vary from school to school. But most often, students vote for the individual they feel would be the best for the job.

Most schools allow students to run campaigns for their election, so let’s go over a few of the ways you can win a student council election.

1. Start Early

Don’t decide on a whim that you’re running for student council. Instead, begin weeks or months in advance. If student council is something you’re interested in, start planning even before they make the announcement.

You can gather a group of friends who can help you with your campaign before the official campaigning has even begun.

2. Have a Campaign Committee

While we’re not expecting you to go on a state-wide tour, you should have a small committee of friends who are working to help you get elected. Meet a couple of times during your campaign to help plot how you’re running, your strategy and create campaign posters and slogans.

Together, you can come up with clever ideas of how to get elected within the rules. They can also be the first people to hear any speeches you’ve created, and let you know if the speech is good or needs work.

Make these meetings fun so that your friends will want to come. Maybe even stream a movie together when you’re finished!

3. Make Campaign Promises You Can Deliver

Every year, someone runs for student council promising a chocolate fountain or a soda machine. Most often, they can’t actually persuade the school to get these items, so they’re running on a somewhat false premise.

Talk to your teachers and faculty, as well as former student council members. Discuss things that you can actually do in your role and ways you can change the school for the better.

As student council president, you may not be able to work to make lunch period longer or to push back the start time of the school day. Be realistic, and let students know why you’re committed to these changes.

4. Make a Catchy Slogan

Does your name have a certain ring to it or rhyme with something catchy? If so, make it your slogan so that others will remember it. If you go to a small school, everyone might already know you. But if your school is larger, you may have more trouble standing out against the competitors. As a result, a catchy slogan can help others recognize you.

5. Create Campaign Fliers and Buttons

With the Internet and so many ready-templates, it’s simple to create Insta-perfect fliers, posters, and buttons these days. Make your posters and buttons eye-catching so that people can spot them from far away and associate them instantly with you.

Making a campaign button design is also a great way to get people on board and aware of the fact that you’re running. Hand out the buttons to your friends and people in your classes.

6. Be Aware of the Rules

When running for a position on student council, you’ll want to stay aware of the rules. Don’t do anything that could disqualify you from staying in the race. Most schools will have rules, such as how much you can spend and where you can place your posters. Know these before starting out on your campaign.

7. Write and Deliver Killer Speeches

When you’re running for a student council spot, you’ll likely have to make a speech at some point. Whether it’s for your class or the entire school, you’ll want a speech that shows off your confidence and details how you’ll make the school better.

Don’t just write a speech the day before and then get up there and deliver it. Instead, rehearse and revise with your speech teacher, your parents or your friends. And, if you’re allowed, incorporate something fun like music or a short dance.

How to Win a School Election: the Rundown

There is no fool-proof method for how to win a school election. It comes down to your ability to create and pull off an excellent campaign and deliver a thought-provoking speech. If you don’t win, don’t worry, you can always try again next year or the next round. Chalk up your lost election to experience and try again!

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