Tech mistake |In the U.S., more than half of employees are “not engaged”. Worse, 16% are downright “actively disengaged”. The latter are those who hate every second they’re at the office and they’re not shy to show it.

Either way, both are a top reason behind your office’s dropping productivity levels.

But they’re not the only cause.

Stressed-out employees are also big productivity killers. Since 80% of adult Americans feel stressed, your office is likely full of these folks too.

That said, now is the best time for your office to invest in productivity technology. With these gadgets and equipment, you can help your people stay focused and do what they do best. They can also contribute to a healthier, happier workplace.

Ready to learn all about productivity tools your business should have? Then let’s dive right into it!

1. The Cloud

We’re not talking about the fluffy things you see in the sky — we’re talking about the Internet. Cloud services let you use computing power and resources, such as data storage, on demand.

It’s actually all thanks to the cloud that 75% of Americans were able to buy something online. It’s also thanks to the cloud that you can use social media sites and access your bank accounts on the go. It’s also the reason you can stream movies and TV series for free on your mobile devices.

As for cloud office technology, there are inventory, accounting, and collaboration apps. Cloud storage and backup services include Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. For improved collaboration, the best online apps are Slack, Trello, and Asana.

All these cloud-based services are accessible through an Internet-connected device. That means you can work on a project with your team even if you’re thousands of miles from the office.

There are also cloud-based time tracking and project management systems. For instance, the Time Doctor app captures a user’s log-in and log-out time. You can even tell how long your team has been working on a certain project and which sites they visit.

Other productivity-boosting features of time trackers include idle time monitoring. You can also use these programs for scheduling, payroll, and invoicing.

You can even set up these programs to take screenshots! That way, you’ll know if your people are actually working or if Facebook has distracted them.

2. Ergonomic Equipment and Furniture

A quarter of the U.S. workforce spends over eight hours of their workday sitting at their desks. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

But it is because sitting is now known as “the new smoking”. After all, sitting a lot means being sedentary. This behavior, in turn, can cause heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

Plus, a sedentary lifestyle can lead to obesity. In fact, scientists say that obesity and sedentary behavior are coexisting conditions.

That said, your office should invest in ergonomic equipment and furniture. Some of the top innovative gadgets in this category include standing desks. These are active workstations that promote moving around rather than sitting for hours.

Standing desks let you shift from a sitting position to a standing position and vice versa. There are even electric desks that allow you to pre-set sitting and standing heights. Best of all, these are adjustable, so anyone at the office can customize it based on their body size, type, and built.

These workstations also help improve posture, which can reduce the risks of chronic pain. Proper posture also helps boost circulation, breathing efficacy, and even mood! Scientists even say that good posture can prevent incontinence.

All that should be good enough reason for your office to start using active workstations. Remember, a healthy work environment makes for happy employees. Happy employees are better performers, more productive, and less likely to quit.

3. Digital Communication Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a phone system powered by, well, by the Internet. One of its main productivity-boosting features is teleconferencing. With this, you can have everyone in your team on one call to discuss projects and tasks.

Since VoIP runs over IP, you only have to make sure everyone has access to the Internet. So, even if you guys are out of town — even out of the country — you can still collaborate. This is much cheaper than traditional phone calls, particularly long-distance calls.

You’ll also find wireless, wide-range communications systems, like those from Plant Tours. These high-tech gadgets use digital technology to broadcast messages over a huge area. They’re ideal for making announcements or emergency warnings to notify everyone right away.

Since you can broadcast messages real time, everyone would be immediately up to speed.

Say a client requests an urgent meeting. Although you can email or chat your team members, they may not be able to see your message right away. With an audio system, you can make the announcement and gather your team members as quickly as you can.

4. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

A study found that 80% of employees find chatty coworkers a huge distraction at work. 70% of the participants also said office noise messes with their concentration.

If you deal with either or both types of distractions, consider noise-canceling headphones. These office gadgets use noise-canceling technology to lessen unnecessary ambient sounds. They tune out unwanted sounds from the environment, like your super chatty coworker.

Pop these on, and you’ll find it easier to focus on your work or communicate clearly with a client. Come break time, you can use them to listen to your legally-downloaded favorite tracks. Either way, these headphones are a godsend for employees working in noisy workplaces.

5. Solar-Powered Gadgets

The commercial sector accounts for over a third of the total electricity used by U.S. consumers. And yes, this sector includes your office. The lighting and HVAC systems your office uses make up a big part of your electricity bills.

With 2017 commercial electricity bills averaging $654.71, you don’t want that to go any higher. That’s why your office should start using solar-powered technology gadgets. These include solar indoor and outdoor lights, wireless keyboards, and power banks.

By using these gadgets, you can harness the ever-existing power of the sun. You can save on office utility bills, while also making your workplace greener.

Get Your Office these Productivity Technology Must-Haves Now

As you can see, not all gadgets, gears, and electronics are workplace distractions. Many of them incorporate productivity technology that lets your entire team stay focused. Some, like ergonomic workstations, even address and prevent health concerns.

So, start getting these productivity-boosting technology gadgets for your office! The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll see productivity and happiness levels rise.

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