Tech mistake |If you are looking for a field service management software, you must take into account several important elements, such as adapting to the specific needs of your business or having integration for mobile devices.

But perhaps the most important point of all, and perhaps we can overlook at first, is precisely the team that will use that program: your staff of employees. How quickly your company can adopt any field service management software and how it can begin to provide value depends to a large extent on its users (your employees) using it correctly – both what remains in offices and what comes out in visits.

That’s right: the user experience is important because it is one of those principles that has the same value regardless of the sector that your industry belongs to. And within maintenance companies, a field service management software adopted quickly and easily can help optimize your team’s workflows, saving time and costs, and multiplying the benefits.

Resist resistance to changes:

Both team leaders and technicians will value software that is easy to use. The implementation of technology is always a challenge in any industry, and it is not strange to find opposition to the principle. Learning new methods and adopting new ways of working takes time, and there will be few who resist change.

That’s why it’s vital that the field service management software you choose is simple and easy to use, and gives your technicians all the information and tools they need to do their job comfortably.

Details such as accessing the customer file from the smartphone, having a simple work process with few steps, or being able to configure the system for different types of work make a software solution stand out from the rest.

Another important point is the connection to the central. If the information is updated automatically, and the technicians always have access to the most recent data, they will not depend so much on the sending of documents by their colleagues in the office – nor, of course, they will have to return there to update the corresponding file between visit and visit

Choosing a field service management software should not be a quick decision without meditating. It is important to review all the details and make sure that the chosen tool is the best one for your maintenance company.

Think of the user of the field service management software:

The point is that you do not always take all these details into account, because it’s not the kind of work you do every day; let’s be honest, a team manager does not do the same job as a technician, so he does not know all his needs first-hand.

Therefore, do not hesitate to involve your team in selecting the most appropriate field service management software for your company. It does not have to be the whole team, of course! You know what is said in English, too many cooks ruin the dish. But having a representative from each department that will use the software is a good idea to make sure that all your requirements and needs are covered.

With the participation of your staff, not only will it be easier to choose the perfect software, but also they will feel more valued as workers, and will give you a very valuable feedback when deciding on a software for field service management concrete.