Tech mistake |As a parent, there is so much that we want to teach our children. Often, we get distracted by the hustle and bustle of busy daily life. Especially today where technology is prevalent almost everywhere you look there is a gap where children miss out on learning about important parts of the way things work. One such area is how mail gets to each family’s home. What better way to learn than in person at the local post office? Parents can take their children on an education trip to learn about the history, services offered, and how to send mail from the post office.

Creating an Adventure

Before hopping in the car to ride over to Lakeland post office, it is a good idea to hype up the day’s activities. This will help create excitement for the upcoming adventure. On the drive over, you can tell your child how mail used to be delivered by horses and train but now travels by trucks, airplanes, and mail cars. The way that mail is transported has changed as the demand has changed. Other interesting trivia is that during President Woodrow Wilson’s term in office the mailmen also delivered fresh farm dairy and produce.

Sending a Letter or Package Together

While it isn’t necessary, a fun activity for parents to do with their child is showing them how to properly address, package, and post a letter or package to a family member or friend. You can explain what a postage stamp is and how packages are metered by destination and weight.

A Post Office Tour

Once you arrive at the Lakeland post office, take the time to walk around and point out what everything is and what it is used for. You can show the PO boxes, shipping materials, forms, the self-serve station, if applicable, and the desk where the postal workers help customers.

Meeting the Postal Workers

For those that chose to mail a letter or package, when it is your turn to be helped that is an excellent opportunity for your child to be able to ask any questions that they might have. Postal workers are excellent multitaskers and won’t mind answering a few questions while they assist you with your purchase. There are many excellent questions that you, or your child, can ask.


  • How long do packages and letters take to get to their destination?


  • What is the biggest package you have seen mailed?


  • How many letters does a mail carrier deliver each day?


  • How is mail sorted?

There is a lot that can be learned from everyday things. A local post office is a place where most children do not regularly visit and do not know much about how it works. They know that mail comes to their house but not the process of how it gets there. A trip to Lakeland Post Office is an educational adventure. Children can see where mail is sent, received, sorted, and then prepared for delivery. You can also show them how to address a letter or package an item to be sent. Don’t miss out on an easy educational opportunity at your local post office with your child.