Tech mistake |Mobile gaming moves a mile a minute, in the sense that there is always a new title at the top of the charts, or a new genre making waves. It’s a wonderful environment for people who like variety in their games, and even if it’s difficult to keep up with what’s new or good, the process can be a lot of fun. The pace of it all does tend to keep us glued to the present, however, and can stop us fro masking some of the questions we typically ask in other mediums of gaming – such as what might be next.

In the console world, gamers are constantly checking for upcoming releases and searching their favorite series to see when new titles might be coming out. In VR, half of the headlines you see are about the future, and what the next devices or experiences might be like. But in mobile gaming, we don’t see as much speculation. Critics, gamers, and any and all in between are too busy keeping up with what’s just been released.

This makes it very difficult to make any reliable predictions about what may be around the corner. However, taking into account the full world of gaming and some of the latest developments in mobile tech, some guesses about the mobile games of tomorrow make more sense than others.

Tabletop AR Strategy Games Will Be Huge

As exciting as mobile augmented reality is already, it can sometimes be hard to get a grasp on where it’s impact will ultimately lie, entertainment-wise. Keep an eye on tabletop strategy games if you’ve been wondering about this. The Machines, a tabletop war game powered by Apple’s ARKit, is one of the most impressive and frankly jaw-dropping applications of the tech we’ve seen yet. It shows how with enough floor or table space you can essentially project an entire little game world out into 3D space and direct pieces (machines, soldiers, whatever it may be) to do your bidding. It’s a whole new take on strategy and tabletop games and one that appears poised to be one of if not the biggest AR gaming category, in time.

Mobile VR Gaming Will Focus On Escapes & Mysteries

Virtual reality, on the other hand, appears to be destined mostly for bigger and better gaming devices than our phones. While devices from Google Cardboard to the Samsung Gear VR do exist specifically to use our phones to power VR experiences, the better games are for the most part on the more expensive and more sophisticated headsets. If this proves to be true though there will still be some mobile-based VR games, and the bet here is that they’ll revolve mostly around escape rooms, mysteries, and the like. These are already some of the most impactful games in mobile stores and the best of the bunch totally absorb you into their atmospheres. VR can take this concept up a notch, and do it without too much required in the way of external controls or extra processing power.

Fortnite Will Spawn Follow-Ups

Recently an article suggested that a new game called Apex Legends was setting a new standard for “battle royales,” which is to say arena-style multiplayer combat games the likes of which were made popular by the smash hit Fortnite. Now, this isn’t an endorsement of this game specifically – other articles have essentially declared that it doesn’t come close to Fortnite’s quality. Rather, it’s to speak to the broader point that Fortnite’s impact is nowhere near done yet. There are going to be many more follow-ups and imitations, such that battle royales should comprise one of mobile stores’ busiest sub-categories in the years to come.

There Will Be New Betting Games

Betting with real money has become a more popular and more widespread activity on mobile devices, and it comprises an industry that is constantly adapting. Some international betting activity guides make a specific point about comparing different formats for wagering, which essentially highlights the fact that no two sites or platforms are the same. Within this spirit of adaptation and competition, we’ve seen increasingly game-like betting options emerging. There are in-play betting options during games, quick wagers in which you pick one of two outcomes, daily fantasy sports with real money on the line, and more. As more people become used to betting with real money, expect to see more betting activity in game-like form coming out on mobile devices.

Election Simulation & Role-Playing Will Make Waves

This is a fairly U.S.-centric idea, but as some may have noticed, the 2016 elections in America brought about a few political simulators and role-playing games in the app stores. Given that since 2016 politics has only generated more popular attention, the months leading up to the 2020 election seem likely to bring about the same trend in an even bigger way. Simply put, Americans (and many throughout the western world) have become obsessed with politics, for better or worse. There is a legitimate market for mobile games that allow people to step into the role of a candidate or campaign manager, or to game out different scenarios, or even to make predictions or answer trivia about real-world election cycles. This may not be a headline trend, but we would certainly expect to see increasing volume in political games.