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BodySpace – Social Fitness App


Tech mistake |Simply put, BodySpace is the Facebook of fitness apps you never knew you needed. It’s from, the largest website for health and fitness on the planet and BodySpace taps into this crowd of like-minded people, where posting a selfie – or ‘Swelfie’ as it’s known here –  with your shirt off isn’t just acceptable, it’s encouraged and applauded.

It’s not just a posing app, mind. BodySpace has nutritional and exercise advice straight from the experts such as qualified doctors, nutritionists, athletes and trainers. BodySpace also includes thousands of workouts for you to browse and spice up your training regime. Speaking of which, BodySpace has hundreds of training plans to suit all.

The best part about BodySpace’s tracking and photo uploads is that you can actually see your progress. You can tune your personal program by weight, gender, age and even by the muscle groups you want to target. So if you want to chisel out some impressive calves, BodySpace will give you the training tips to do so. Each plan is carefully crafted and delivered over a course of weeks to keep you on track and add a dose of consistency to your exercise regime.

The best part about BodySpace’s tracking and photo uploads is that you can actually see your progress. There’s no need to jump on a set of scales and look at the numbers through your fingers, your actual gains are documented in your own digital scrapbook. And brilliantly, BodySpace links directly to’s online store so you can load up on all your requisite supplements in just a few clicks.What’s New in Version 1.9.2

What’s New:

• Were workouts disappearing if you jumped ahead on your program? Not anymore! Workouts you pass over will automatically be marked as “Skipped” and placed on the calendar on the day they were skipped. Then you can go back and track them at your leisure! See the next bullet if you’d like to find the workouts that already disappeared:

• You can now see all of the days in an active program and their statuses whenever you’d like! Go to BodyCalendar and then click “All Workouts,” and you’ll find a full list of every workout in your programs!

• We also knocked out a bunch of crashes!

Verdict ratings

THE social network for avid gym goers just happens to be a fantastic resource of training plans, exercise recommendations and advice from a like-minded, and enthusiastic community.

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May 06, 2017
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