Tech mistake |Locker master a new security app for android to safe guard your privacy with elegant and dynamic lock screens.

Locker master android app features

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  • Once installed the app welcomes you with simple and quick into the features that it offers.
  • By default you get two DIY themes to try and you can also customise the look and feel of those in the inbuilt builder.

Not impressed with those free items in the package?

Don’t worry, for you guys there is a lot more ways like you can customise one of your pictures or photos in the android mobile by going to

DIY>create new DIY theme

More options to cutomize

  • Wallpaper
  • Time and date
  • Lock
  • Add text
  • Sprite
  • Decoration
  • Lock effect

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More to have from Locker Master android app

  • More lock patterns to choose from
  • You can also grab premium as well as free themes by switching to featured or category tab as you can see below ( click on the image to view it full)

Free themes to choose from


Category wise selection

  • Sharing those theme created by you with other members by entering the sharing code is another added advantage of it
  • Even if your phone is locked, by swiping from both sides of the screen open wide range of applications as shown below

Left swipe

swipe off

Right swipe

  • Like any other application you can use the settings by swiping from left to right within the app

actionNote : App locks the screen by default as soon as the screen is turned off, but you can customise the time of locking by going to the application settings.

Resource usage during our test


RAM usage


Internal storage required


  • You may not able to go other screen if you are in the theme customisation mode
  • Uninstalling the app;ication will be difficult if you forget the lock pattern

Other info

  • Version 1.61 comes with : Fix crashes on Android Gingerbread and ICS
  • Requires 2.2 and up to run it

Update: Version 1.62 is now available with following fixes

  • click SMS or notification no reaction
  • click SMS or notification no reaction
  • Failed uploading DIY themes
  • Optimizes performance

Final thought

Locker master seems to be better than others in the same group.

Download from Google PlayStore

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