Tech mistake |As the name suggests, Krowd is a social networking platform. However, it is just not your everyday platform. It is unique in some ways. Well, the idea of developing the app may sound a little obvious, but that is not just it. The developer was more focused on a group of people in a specific area. What is compelling about the idea of the app is that the developers assumed that in that congregation high chances are the people would be sharing a common interest. Then why not connect them?

The focus was just not to have people connecting virtually but also increases the possibility of them meeting face to face. You can attest to this: you are probably yet to stumble an app that looks to that. Well, you might ask yourself, what measures or algorithms does the app use to make matches of people sharing common interests? One thing is for sure; you do not have to create a profile to let everyone know what your job is about, all of your hobbies, your kids and anything else that you can talk about.

It is done in a witty yet straightforward way. Think of it this way; there is a basketball game approaching. On such a platform there will be people supporting different teams. By just commenting on which team you are supporting and so on will automatically link you to people with similar interests. See, you do not need to expose your life. The app will give you the freedom to choose who to connect with regarding your life interests. You might prefer people knowing your preferences when it comes to fashion as opposed to sports and use it as a basis of connection.

What is most interesting is the fact that the app is further segmented. What for? Well, the general profile may not be able to give you a deep insight into what people are interested in. You can also attest to this too; no other platform has subsections. Well, you deserve to have an idea of what they are called: Klogs. Here, you are allowed to build a sub-profile and talk about what you like. People are allowed to make their contribution to the same.

The Klog idea of Krowd is there to ensure that you connect with people of like minds. Seeing them physically at an event may not allow you to make a sound judgment of a person’s interests. Krowd facilitates you being comfortable while meeting someone you have been connecting with virtually.

Krowd developers have taken it upon themselves to foster user trust. They are well aware that creating trust among the people goes a long way in making social networking efforts fruitful. With an app that is mostly location-based, a lot has to be done regarding that. It can be owed to the fact that it is much easier tracking one’s location when it has been localized. The good thing is that with Krowd, there is nothing to worry about.