Tech mistake |A good programmer is instrumental to your company and will change the way your company utilizes new and upcoming technology. His/her work will be efficient and optimized because he/she will consider the work as a hobby.Good programmers are open to new challenges and they will excel in your verification tests. You need to conduct a series of tests if you are hiring a programmer and you don’t hail from a developer background. Friends with a developer background can help you in finding the best programmer that will suit the needs of your company. You can hire a C++ developer by conducting a C++ online test.

C++ is an essential multi-paradigm programming language that is optimal for mobile applications and desktop applications. The language incorporates object-oriented programming techniques which are helpful in applying a bottom-up approach as opposed to the top -down approach utilized by procedure-oriented programming languages. This also means that the programmer you hire must be very well versed with advanced topics such as pointers, data structures, and memory allocation for composing efficient applications. The test will help in comprehending the skills of a good C++ programmer. It includes testing:

  1. Basics on C++ programming
  2. Conceptual knowledge of OOP
  3. Advanced concepts such as pointers, data structures, and memory allocation.
  4. Debugging and development skills.

The test is implemented as a 60-minute pressure exam which also helps you in understanding how the candidate works when it comes to deadlines and contains 20 questions which are integrated into 4 sections

  1. MCQ/MCA questions on the basics of C++
  2. MCQ/MCA questions on OOPs and its application
  3. MCQ/MCA on proficiency with important topics such as pointers, data structures, and memory allocation.
  4. A coding challenge which tests the capability of the coder in development and debugging

The skill set of the coder is judged by these testing tools. You can always refer to several journals and websites for obtaining information about the language and use it for the first round of interviews. The later rounds can be conducted with a few programmers in the room which will help in asking the core technical questions.

You can also find developers in their natural habitat as talented programmers will not just land in your company that easily. Most of the Google and Microsoft selects have their own ideas of new businesses. Going to places with abundant talent can help you find a coder that will fit right into your business and its requirements.

  1. Hackathons

These are hubs of discovering talent. Computer programmers and software developers come together in hackathons to create new and improved software platforms and they are the best way to find the best programmers. You can also conduct your own hackathons for getting the best talent in your company. Some hackathons are social and educational but contain a source of good developers, whereas some hackathons have a narrowed down focus that is specific to a programming platform or idea or language and you can target these to obtain your desired candidate.

  1. Contributors to open source code

GitHub is a site which is an online repository which contains code for programmers to contribute their own open source code projects. This gives you an insight into the work of a potential candidate before selecting them. If your background is non tech, you can always spend time with developer friends who will help you find the best candidate based on their code.

  1. Universities and their advantages

Talented coders may also hail from universities no matter how immature you think they are. You can always pass an email around to get students to send their projects to you. You can also get in contact with a host of good CS professors that you know and take their list of recommendations of the best students. So many students of theirs have been in the coding circuit for years and have immense experience which makes them great programmers. You can also pick the best programmers that are winners of hackathons that have been conducted by top universities.

  1. Conferences on software development

Conferences that are relevant to your project and company must be attended by you. These software development conferences are instrumental in finding the best contacts as these events are a throbbing hub of speakers and attendees that have immense knowledge within the range of your projects. Developing a base of contacts can point you in the correct direction of a talented programmer. If you can’t make it to the conference, you can always contact the speakers by finding the requirements online. They will either help you in your quest or tell you about a person who can.

  1. Blogs

The technical blogs are a great way to obtain the names of talented programmers. It is important to note that good programmers usually have a technical blog or have their names mentioned in another programmer’s blog. These blogs help you know about the programmer before you send them a message for their resumes. Their written and communication skills, analytical problem-solving capabilities, and technical skills can be easily gauged with the help of their blogs.

  1. Freelancing sites

You can easily scour online freelancing sites for obtaining fresh talent. Programmers can be found through a large number of sites like these which is a boon for interviewers from a non tech background. The best site should be scrutinized carefully before starting the search for a programmer because you may end up hiring the cheapest programmer rather than the optimal one if your research is not thorough.

There are sites which employ a rigorous screening test and this brings the best programmers to light. Through tests such as personality and language tests, test projects, technical screening, timed algorithm testing, and analytical reasoning. The freelancing site has the benefit of hiring programmers for long term or short term projects. You can also make them a permanent member of your team. This is a prudent decision for getting the best developer.