Tech mistake |At present, people are addicted towards upgraded tech features in their day today life. Since most of the people are working in stress about two third of people loves to hear music to reduce their stress. Some people are more interested to hear music in high bass effect some will have interest to hear in mild effect through headset or Bluetooth headset. In public you can make use of headset or headphones to enjoy the rhythm of your favorite songs without disturbing others whereas when it is in home, people who love to hear music in high bass can use speaker to enjoy their favorite rhythm of music. There are several types speakers available in the market one can choose best speakers based on their wish. At present, Harman kardon onyx studio 5 speakers are moving fast and it become a favourite brand among the people. This version of speaker released at the end of august 2018 the entire previous version onyx studio 1 to onyx studio 4 looks somewhat similar but this version quite different they had made some changes based on customer suggestions.

Onyx studio 5 design features:

Harman kardon onyx studio 5 designed in their branded circular design with some alteration and they have removed the undetectable legs from the speaker and made the speaker somewhat wider than previous versions of onyx studio speakers. Onyx studio 5 are made with rubberized bottom in order to ensure the stability of the speaker and as a alter to removable of legs HK made this version even portable by installing  aluminium carrying handle on the top of the speaker. In previous versions the control buttons are located on the top of the speaker since aluminum handle is placed on the top of the speaker in this version all control buttons are relocated to the front panel.

In onyx studio 5 not only basic designs are changed but also there are some changes in driver configuration too, in previous models they are manufactured with four drivers two woofers and two tweeters along with two radiators but in this onyx studio 5 model it is featured with one large 5 inch woofer, 1 tweeter and with two passive radiator. This change in driver configuration results deeper bass this would be great difference when compared to other version so if you are bass lovers then this speaker would be a best choice while playing high bass music.

Cons of onyx studio 5:

  • Heavy bass sound with proper balanced wave.
  • It is portable by carrying handle.
  • Since they are batter operated they are easily portable.
  • The speaker works with wireless connections via Bluetooth and AUX connection.
  • The speaker has multi host and dual sound features.

The performance and sound quality:

The performance and sound quality of the speaker is quite good and you can enjoy your bass streaming music through wireless connection via Bluetooth from 50 feet distances without any obstacles. Since the speaker is multi host there is no issues in pairing process there is options for pairing speaker with louder sound too.

  • Speaker can work in dual sound mode.
  • Onyx studio 5 can deliver 7 to 8 hours music when it is operated with 50% of volume.
  • The control buttons are quickly responsive and easy to operate.
  • It is so simple to learn about all features there is no necessary to see manual.
  • If you are connected speaker with Bluetooth and through aux connection then speaker works only in wireless connection.
  • You cannot play music in wireless and wired mode in same time.
  • Since the speakers are flat the frequency response is high especially in lower volumes.
  • The bass boost is high but it does not affect voices and midrange.
  • Though speaker is bass heavy but it is controlled so sounds natural.

The onyx studio 5 speaker’s delivers better sound with richer sound effects and the sound get balanced between mids and high waves in perfect clear voices and crisp. The sound does not get distorted even when it played at full volume. Onyx studio 5 performances are similar to large and expensive speakers like JBL Boom box. When you compare the boom box performance and onyx studio 5 performance you can experience a more natural and detailed sound in onyx studio 5 where as in boom box you can have better stereo separation which is missing in onyx studio 5 speakers.  The drawback in this onyx studio 5 speakers practically there is no stereo separation feature so if you connect to two onyx studio 5 speakers together you cannot experience stereo effect but you can experience the stream in dual mode. Apart from this draw back the onyx studio 5 speakers provides better performance and delivers good sound quality