We bring you the best tricks of Last Day on Earth to always be the last to survive in this world

Tech mistake |The best tricks of Last Day on Earth are not easy, just as it is not easy to survive in this world plagued by zombies where you will have to find resources to survive. Ast Day on Earth is a free mobile game that you can download directly from Google Play (Android) or the Store from your Iphone.

As we have said, Last Day on Earth Survival APK is a completely FREE game for download (like other mobile games of which we have already written guides and tricks and you can find on our website, as the PVP Battle Bay for Mobile or the latest Clash of Clans update ).

In this guide you will find the best tricks of Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth is an apocalyptic game that places us in a world dominated by the threat of zombies. Survivors will have to fight for their lives and they will have to find the most resources to survive. In this guide we give you the keys to endure in this inhospitable world through wise tricks, guides and advice.

From daily events to how to get out of the way in difficult times, our Last Day on Earth cheat guide will be of great help whether you are a beginner or an expert in this mobile game. We’ll help you get coins, get points for free and get food thanks to our tricks. Ready to survive? Well let’s go there.

Last Day on Earth cheats – pre-game considerations

Before we start talking about the tricks of Last Day on Earth and how the game really is, it is important to know that you will have to go through a server selection process. There are very few servers available (almost six in all) and each one has the exact same features. However, the main difference is the state of each server: always choose the new servers that have just launched.

This way you will know that the rest of the players that have paired you are players who have just started as you and who struggle to make their way through this hellish world, and you will not find the typical one that has been playing for a month and He brings them all to the street. Servers will expand as the game community grows and attracts more players.

Last Day on Earth Cheats – General Tips

Surviving on the outside is quite complicated, so we recommend that you keep an eye out when you go outside. At first do not try to leave the base: doing it implies a direct death and believe us, very unpleasant. When we die we lose all our objects so it is better to take that precaution. Also, if you do not have weapons, if possible at a distance, do not face a zombie.

As the Walking Dead taught us, people can be worse than zombies. If you see someone playing and you are new, flee for your life because they want to kill you. When you start crafting do not start creating a house: do the tools before because otherwise you will run out of resources very fast and that will force you to leave the base. If for anything you have to leave, do not take everything you have in the car, because they can kill you and steal everything.

Last Day on Earth cheats – come to kill you

There are many things that can kill you in this game: first, although it is obvious, zombies are one of the clearest threats. If you approach a group of zombies and you are outnumbered in resources or numbers, start running. Your life is shown in the green bar that you have in the upper left. You can always use the trick to get off the map and re-enter to get away.

If they approach you crouched and attack you from behind you will do triple damage. Take this into account to apply it yourself when hunting or even killing zombies. Humans are also very tricky as they often attack other players to take away objects, weapons and everything on them. Watch out for these as they usually are usually much more dangerous than the zombies themselves.

Last Day on Earth cheats – how to get food and water

Last Day On Earth Survival is a free game devloped by K-Mobile and its available for both Ios and Android devices. As if it were not enough with the zombies and the rest of humans, in Last Day of Eath you can die of hunger and thirst. This is one of the biggest problems posed by this survival and the fact of having food and water should become a priority for us. Our hunger and thirst meter will go down over time until we die of starvation. But rest assured, because in our Last Day on Earth tricks guide we teach you to avoid this.

On one hand you can collect on Last Day on Earth. This is the most basic way to get food but it will still save us on multiple occasions. The red berries appear on the map in the shape of a small tree with a red spot. To collect them we simply come closer, take them with our hands and we eat them. Later we can produce improved foods for berries, but there is a lot left to do.

Tricks of last day on earth – how to get food

We can also hunt animals to get meat to feed. To obtain meat we will simply have to hunt one of the animals that we find. Do not eat raw meat as it will give you very few benefits. It is much better that you prepare a bonfire and cook it properly, because that way you will get a lot more.

At first you will only find two types of animals: the wolves that will try to hunt us down and kill us (they are not so strong and we can kill them even with a fist) and deer. Deer are the best option, although we will have to approach them behind and using stealth. It is better to use decent weapons to do away with deer, because the punches are too weak and you probably escape.

Tricks of last day on earth – how to create your farm

We also have the option of planting our own garden in the Age of Empires style. To build our granjan we will need 5 wood and 1 fiber of plants, in addition to the seed of what we want to plant in them. To find the seeds we can get close to the bushes. For example, the carrot seed will be found in the bushes that give us the firba of the plants.

Farms do not generate food immediately but rather are a long-term bet because they take a long time to get out. For example, a carrot takes an hour to get out so the ideal is to plant several to have more food waiting for us. Of course, cooking the vegetable will give you new properties that do not have the raw food so do not hesitate and before you toss the carrot to the tooth, it will pass through the fire.

Tricks of last day on earth – how to cook

Cooking is really easy in this game and at the same time it is tremendously beneficial: all the food you cook will bring you many more benefits than you eat raw. You can cook as much meat as the vegetable you get in the bushes or on your farms.

In order to cook you need a bonfire or campfire. Build one will cost you 5 wood, 5 stone 1 fiber and there you will be able to cook both raw meat and carrots. Cooked products take away hunger much more than crude. Get with vegetables in the bushes or collect them from your farm and with meat hunting deer and wolves, as well as other animals.

Tricks of last day on earth – how to get water

Getting water is vital if we want to survive in Las Day on Earth because if our thirst indicator reaches 0 then we will die of thirst. We can drink in any water source but ideally we take it with us. For this we will need to bring bottles with us. We recommend that you get five or six empty bottles that you will find in the coffers of any map.

You can also build a rain hunter. Rain hunters fill the empty bottles magically, since in the game it does not rain at all. Building a rain hunter will cost us only 10 wood, 3 clothes and 2 metal. The wood you get from the trees, the clothes of some dead zombies and the metal is usually distributed in the vaults around the map.

Tricks of last day on earth – crafteo tools

Throughout the game you will have to go collecting resources to crate tools. We have already told you not to start with the house, since the cost of the different modules is very high for beginners. As we go up in levels we will be able to craft more and more different things. Now, there are certain things that are indispensable before you leave the base:

On the one hand you have to make yourself yes or yes with an ax. The ax allows us to cut down trees, indispensable for obtaining wood faster. To build our ax we will need 3 wood for the handle and 3 stone for the head. From the same line we will need a peak, impressing if we want to chop rock and get stone and metal. For the peak we will need 3 wood and 5 plant fiber.

Craftea the indispensable tools if you want to survive

The spear will be our first weapon: ideal to defend from a distance of the zombies. Building it will cost us about 3 wood. They are also useful thought essential to our survival: the storage of rain filled our empty bottles and timber costs 10, 3 and 2 metal clothes. The backpack allows us to carry more items with us and costs 2 ropes and 3 fibers.

In addition, let’s not forget the fire to prepare our food (both meat and vegetables). Build it will cost 5 wood, 5 stone and 1 plant fiber. The garden will allow us to grow our own food by planting seeds. It costs 5 wood and 1 fiber as well. Finally, the box allows us to store items and keep them safe so that if we kill not disappear.

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