Tech mistake |Its just a few days to 2017 and i believe you all are prepared to enter the new year stronger than the way you entered 2016!
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XP Psiphon version 7 is out and hope those that were having slow internet connection using those free internet trick settings can upgrade to version 7 and enjoy a better speed. Those also using the South African CellC configurations, the Zambian and Tanzania Vodafone configurations too can upgrade to get a better connection due to the new improvement and inclusion of more features.(I will be dropping new settings for V.7 of XP Psiphon)

If you ‘ave noticed you will see that we have added live chat support for those who have questions. This support for now is temporal, we are still testing it and if it doesn’t fit what we wanted, we might just remove it.
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Below is the link and features of the V.7 of XP Psiphon. Update yours because you might not know when the next trick would be knocking on your doorsteps.

XP Psiphon V.7 added Features:

  • New improvements
  • Advanced tethering tool
  • Secured Configuration
  • Fully Materialize
  • Added Server entries
  • Web view ads replaced with banner ads
  • Force stop on API 19+ fixed
  • New Diagnostic tool added
  • New improved UI


Click here to download XP Psiphon apk

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