Tech mistake |Still on how to get free unlimited internet access from any internet service provider (ISP) in the world. Before we begin, I urge you to click here so as to read and understand some very important terms that we will be making use of during the course of this post.

Today’s tutorial will be focused on how to get free internet by sniffing packets on your ISP’s network. But first, let me explain to you guys what packet(s) is all about.


Packets are data sent between two communicating device or networks.

There are several ways to get free unlimited internet access on your ISP network. I have written several tutorials on how to get free internet tricks on any using ISP with different methods, and have even given some of you one-on-one tutorial (most of which I didn’t post on this blog) on how to get free internet access on your ISP network. One thing you have to know in these tutorials that I drop is that “method A” might work for you but might not work for the next person but however, “method C” and not even “method B” will work for the person but that doesn’t mean that the procedure is correct. All ISP’s are not the same and thus might require different methods to get what you want.

These tutorials all depends on how well you understand them for you to make it work. Having little understanding of it would only prove more difficult for it to work that’s why I always recommend that you read those terms that I mentioned above so as to make it easier for you. And again, because the method doesn’t work for you today doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you tomorrow. These tricks are easy so don’t be scared.

In today’s post, we will be using methods similar to that of the free pages tricks, free hosts tricks, ports and free pages.
There are some applications on your ISP network that are accessible for free even when you run out of data… erm, some are not free but paid subscription anyway but offered by your ISP.  The free ones could be apps offered directly by ISP such as self-care service app etc or maybe a third party app in collaboration with your ISP such as the Wikipedia app etc. Or maybe it’s a paid subscription service that your ISP is offering such music app (Your ISP might give it any name), social media subscription (you know the apps I don’t have to mention), video streaming apps etc these apps are many and of different types. I don’t have to keep mentioning them, you know them all.

The reason I mentioned those few above is to give you guys hint on what to look out for. Finally, all these apps that I’m talking about need internet connection, any offline app won’t work.

How does this work?

The idea behind this trick is to configure your tunnelling application with the details that you will sniff from those app(s) and then use them to access free internet on your ISP network.

This is how it works. When properly configured; your tunnelling app will masquerade under those settings and then pretend to be the app that has free access to your ISP network. Your ISP firewall is programmed to allow those apps access the web even on zero data, and so if it sees the apps …*cough* your tunnelling app*cough*… making requests, it will grant it express entry to the web. When that request goes through, you will actually be accessing the web because you were just using the app details as a pass ticket. This trick has been tested on several ISP’s and still so many people are still using it currently.

This tutorial has to be carried out on an Android device but the details can be used to get free internet access on iOS devices, windows, etc. Follow the details below to get started

  1. Any Android device running Android 4.0+ upwards
  2. Root is not necessary
  3. Your tunnelling app
  4. Patience
  5. Your sniffer app. Click to download it


Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! Techfoe won’t be held liable for your actions or how you use this tutorial.

Procedures On How To Sniff And Harvest Those Packets :

  1. Click here to download any tunnelling app of your choice.
  1. Install the sniffer app which you downloaded from the link above and then open it.
  1. When you open the sniffer app, you will see two symbols that look like a “play button”. The first symbol (the one on the right) is meant for sniffing packets on a single application. The second symbol is meant for sniffing packets on all the apps running on your Android device at that moment. Any of the play buttons will do. However, we will be making use of the second button during the cause of this post.
  1. Exit the sniffer application and then put on your mobile data.
  1. Now locate the application that you want to sniff and then open it. If they are more than one, open them all.
  1. Exit those applications and then return back tour sniffer application. Now click on the play icon so as to create a VPN connection. The VPN connection will channel all your apps activities via your sniffer app and your sniffer app will in turn harvest your packets.
  1. By now you will see the session reading (the counts increasing) but do not touch it, just leave it for some time for at least 15 mins during which you will be operating on those apps.


  1. Return back to those apps that you earlier opened (those apps that you want to sniff packets from). Revisit them one after the other and then stay on the applications and then interact with them. If its just one app, just interact with it. The reason for you interacting with the application(s) is because when you do that, the application(s) will send packets and in turn receive packets from their server.


Harvesting The Packets:

  1. By now you must have waited for at least 15 minutes. Now return back to your sniffer app and then click on the button which you had click before (the button has changed to red). Click it to stop harvesting packets.
  1. Click on the read session to view the harvested packets.
  1. When the read session opens, you will see several applications. You will even that one application will appear several times.


If you sniffed more than one app, it will be good for you to write down the names of the apps so as to extract the data one after the other from the apps sequentially so as to avoid mix up.

  1. Locate the apps that you intended harvesting the data and click on it one after other. Don’t click on those that have zero kilobytes (0.00 KB) because there won’t be anything in it.

  1. Open and write down the hosts, referrer, agents, ……. You might see some encoded data while trying to write down those items I just mentioned. Ensure to take to take note and harvest all the VALUABLES.

Now with that information that you have gotten, some of you might be able to use the methods that I mentioned in this post (click here to view post) and get free internet. However, not everyone will be able to get their working due to limited knowledge or difference in ISP. But do not worry, I have made a detailed post on how to make it work by utilizing sites such as, and other helpful and other online analytics tools (can’t mention those tools in this post but will in the tutorial in the below link). 

Click here to get the full tutorial on how to easily configure using those sniffed packets and get unlimited free internet on your ISP.

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