Tech mistake |This article we spend for great Oskar Fischinger American animator. Oskar Wilhelm Fischinger was born in city Gelnhausen, near Frankfurt on 22 June 1900. He was great picture, computer graphics and movie animator. He earned name also in the work of film industry.

Fischinger made simple movie animation more than 50 and create 800 picture and movie animation scene in it. In his picture animation he used mostly museum, galleries and other best worldwide collections.

During movie animation his creating animation picture always on 1st number. His animations also used in lot of places otherwise movies and computer games. Now I let you why I like much Oskar Fischinger  and want to become him.

Oskar Fischinger Google

However I have already told you that Oskar Fischinger is the great American graphic animator than how can think that people will not search about him. People use lot of keywords to find him on google. People not like him much according to him greatest animator, people also like his spending time technique.

He spend his mostly time to create new for people and he used mostly animals, zoos and other its related thing. Actually he wanted to create love in our hearts for nature through his animation.

People Mostly Use Following Keywords to find some about him on google which are as follows: 

  • oskar fischinger game
  • oskar fischinger visual music
  • fischingerfilms
  • fischinger fantasia
  • fischinger doodle
Now I think we need to talk on  google those keywords people use for greatest American Animator.


The first game which I like this person is google music game. This person create piano music behand google music game which so much exited and charm-full for me. The second thing which like so the stars of game and bobbles.

When stars moves in line from one place to another with their full brightness than bobbles also move with them and this scene so much exited which not I let you. This game graphics represents the hardworking of this man.

This man also create lot of other games which graphics I also so much like.

Oskar Fischinger Movies

I am not interested to watch movies but this man graphics win my hearts. So once time I watch one movie on this person. As far as me remember I watch an optical poem movie. I am not like this much  due to the some reason which I should want to let you.

But I am present some of this movie. First of all movie creator present below sky which have not any dots. Than accidentally a red colour dots appear on them and with him also other colouring dots appear. After some time spending the dots take shape of stars as far as they dig in the below sky.

And after that the stars also present the scene of whole world system / Solar System. After this scene stars change in triangle shape and start move on the below like space. Some other famous movies of Oskar are as follows :

  • Motion Painting no. 1
  • Composition in Blue
  • Circles
  • Woman in the Moon
  • American March