Tech mistake |Impact Synonym can be interpreted as equivalent words. This word comes from “syn” and “nym”; each means “together” and “name”. Synonyms are very useful to avoid the impression of repetition, especially in common words or words that are often used. To use synonyms, some people use the Thesaurus.

This is a common phrase for a dictionary that provides a complete list of words that have the same meaning.For example, if you are looking for the word “good” then you might get a few words that have the same meaning.

But keep in mind, the Thesaurus itself is not singular because there are several forms of the dictionary. Synonyms have several great benefits in speech or writing; one of them is to avoid boredom.

Other benefits can be described as follows:

  1. Make the text more beautiful and by itself make it look more quality
  2. Help improve communication between the author on the one hand and the reader on the other.
  3. Provide a clearer picture in the mind of the reader

You need to build your own synonym warehouse. This effort will help increase your vocabulary that will be useful in your next writings. By having a store of synonyms, you can avoid “plagiarism traps”.

You may not intend to hijack someone else’s work, but because you use too many of the same words, you will be suspected of stealing ideas or worse, copying other people’s writings.There are various types of synonyms but impact synonym is probably the most famous. Impact synonym describes the same direct meaning of the referenced word.

For many language experts, impact synonym is the simplest form of synonym itself. Impact synonyms can in turn be subdivided into sub-types like great synonym, interest synonym, appreciate synonym and significant synonym.

Great synonym

Great describes a situation where an object is seen as larger than other objects (similar objects). The great eagle is bigger than other eagles, for example. This word can also describe characteristics such as excellence, ability, quality and so forth. For most people, great is related to “big and good”.

If placed in the context of synonyms, great synonyms mean synonyms that give the impression of greater or greater than they should be. The use of the great synonym is commonly used in speech texts to bring out the fiery impression of the speaker.

Interest synonym

Interest describes a situation where one party has an interest in something. Interest synonym means synonym that attracts more interest in the referenced word. The interest synonym is most used in educational texts to lure students to explore the words referenced.

Some famous speeches are also known to use various interest synonyms and that makes them look so attractive. John F Kennedy, Lenin and Sukarno were known as statesmen who often used interest synonym in various speeches.

Appreciate synonym

The word “appreciate” means acknowledging “the full value” of something or realizing something. Appreciate synonym is often used in newspaper texts to make readers aware of the true context of the referenced words. Having a persuasive impression, writers in public media should be able to use this type of synonym correctly.

Placement errors will end in misunderstandings. Large newspapers such as the New York Times have many clever writers in placing synonym appreciate into their writings.

Significant synonym

The significant describes a condition that has a major influence on something. As an example; “James is able to significantly increase the company’s sales”. This means that James can increase the company’s sales massively or maybe James has the ability to have a large influence on increasing the company’s sales.

In the context of synonyms, significant synonym is a type of synonym that has a large influence on the intent to be conveyed by the referenced words. Hopefully by knowing the impact synonym and its variants, you can improve your ability to process words, both in written works and speech texts.