Tech mistake |’Star Wars Galaxy or Adventures’ is free to view on YouTube from November 30 and the trailer looks fascinating. It concerns six episodes that introduce us to the stories of the original films.

Just to be clear: Star Wars Galaxy or Adventures is not a series or film for the new streaming service Dinsey + . The series can be viewed for free on YouTube, but you may not be the intended audience. For example, Star Wars Galaxy or Adventuresinitially targets children. We get six episodes that tell the story of the original films. The animation already looks very impressive.

(A few months ago it became known that Disney is going to make less Star Wars films,or we think that’s a good idea here .)

The Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures trailer :

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Star Wars Kids

LucasFilm and Disney also launch a new YouTube channel Star Wars Kids . James Waugh, content-boss at Lucasfilm, says it to the American magazine Deadline : “So many friends have told me over the years that they wanted to introduce their children to the world of Star Wars , but they are not ready yet They were looking for a way to celebrate the universe together that they love. ”

( Leia and Luke will still participate in Star Wars IX .)

New movie next year

Star Wars Galaxy or Adventures is not only intended to get people ready for the old films, but also to make fans excited about the release of next year. “In December 2019, Episode IX will be released, ending the Skywalker saga,” says Waugh. “A long journey of 40 years of stories suddenly comes to an end, Star Wars Galaxy or Adventures takes them through all those epic moments and themes, the stories that have brought us here, so that the new generation will get to know just in time. stories, just before the final. ”

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