Tech mistake |Is there a fourth secret episode of ‘Sherlock’? The fans hope so, but ‘Apple Tree Yard’ is a drama of a completely different caliber. Without a sociopathic detective, but with a mysterious lawsuit, a lover and a strong portion of steamy sex. A thriller, an affair and a lick of ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’? Where do we look?

Sunday evening is just as important for the BBC as for one or VTM, and so these series sometimes blow across the North Sea to land on our tube. Apple Tree Yard , the latest in that series, has to fill the gap of the Sherlock watch figure cannon , and the tension can be cut. We land again in a crime, but where Sherlock himself has to solve the case, suspect Yvonne Carmichael is standing on the witness box, accused of … well, of what actually?

During the four episodes that we get from Apple Tree Yard , Carmichael (a role of Emily Watson) herself reveals how, as a successful scientist with a house, garden, husband and two children she ends up in a court for one of the worst imaginable criminal facts. An affair lies at the heart of the matter, resulting in a lot of steamy sex. And that just after the ‘watershed’, 21h, the moment when you can see naked in the UK too. Keep those pearls well.

But although the Apple Tree Yard trailer promises a lot of sex, it is not the big attraction of these crimes. So compare us to the second season of Broadchurch instead of Sherlock, but do not let that spoil the party, on the contrary. No Fifty Shades of Gray , but a sturdy crime we still see on Canvas. Who can not wait looks at BBC One, or of course just read the book .

And Sherlock fans: no, that secret fourth episode was really just a myth.

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