Tech mistake |The gig economy is basically a social platform for generating extra income using personally owned property, transportation, or professions. In other words, it’s just a big internet referral network system that requires a strong marketing platform that reaches millions of customers for the gig to work.

So, having stated this, if you want to make money via the internet, then you will need to find a platform that can provide you with enough clients to generate the income you desire.

There are many options to choose from, these include the three big basics:

  • Property: where you use your home or property to generate income, such as Airbnb
  • Vehicle: where you use your vehicle to generate income, such as Uber for driving passengers, GrubHub for delivering food, Bellhop for haulage and Amazon Flex for courier services.
  • Online Services: such as UpWork and Freelancer, where you provide a plethora of online services ranging from writing to accountancy, project management to virtual assistants.

What makes all these similar is that they are all “self-employment” and freelance work oriented. Your chance of success depends on some factors:

  • App reach – how many customers can the app connect you with?
  • Professionalism – how professional service can you provide?
  • Payment – what do you get paid, when, how and at what cost?

Here are 5 great options, perhaps the best online Gig apps around


This is a great service, well known, although it was under fire for a few years, towards the end of 2017 it changed leadership and has emerged as a restyled strong winner for drivers and customers. In general, you require a driving license, a clean past (7 years screening), rideshare insurance coverage and of course, a car. You don’t need to own the car, but it must meet the company’s requirements. You earn based on your driving location and skills. You just need a lot of patience and be prepared to drive anyone and everyone. The average hourly income is around $18 before expenses and adds to that the tips. If you want to work for more than one company, you can also join Lyft, and work for both. Mystro is an app that helps with automatic switching during shifts so you can drive a seamless shift earning maximum income per hour.


If you own a car and want to make passive income while it stands, you can rent it out to an Uber or Lyft driver for a fixed monthly price. This is a great option to choose from if you don’t want to drive but want to be part of the ridesharing scene. Generally, you can earn anywhere from $500 to $1,00 a month, depending on your car model and the time you rent it out. The good thing about renting your car through Hyrecar is that you only rent to ridesharing drivers, which means that they go through an application process and work for their income, they will take care of your car because a good clean car means better income and a five-star rating for them.


Apart from driving and renting, you can also use your car’s body surface as an advertising medium. You will be paid according to the extent of the “wrap” but will earn passive income whether your car is driving or standing. This is a great add-on a gig for Hyrecar or Uber and Lyft. You can earn around $400 a month from a full wrap. This is local to specific cities and states, so check out which advertising gig is the dominant one in your location.


If you don’t want to drive people, maybe delivering packages would suit you more. This is a straightforward process, where you use a car of any type, requirements are less strict. You pick up a 3-4-hour batch of packages and must deliver them all. This gig will make you around $18 per hour, but there is no tipping. Amazon Flex is national, so no matter where you are, you will get a good income from this gig.


This is another vehicle intensive gig, where you use your van or truck to help haul loads from one location to another. This is more physical, but you can co-hire a laborer if you only want to drive. You can earn around $30 an hour for driving, and manual workers receive $15 an hour. Remember, this is just one app in this category, you must check your location to see which gig app is dominant.


I have reviewed here gigs that are all car relevant, these are the more lucrative and easiest gigs to work with. Its all a matter of personal choice. If you own a car and its standing in a car park most of the day, then these gigs are perfect for you. You can rent it out via Hyrecar while you are at work or sleeping. You can drive it yourself when you are not working, or in between work periods. You can wrap it up and get some passive income from advertising, and if you won a truck, then haulage is the next best thing. Whatever service you decide to take, just know that every State and location has hundreds of apps operating online, don’t fall for a “dead” app service, make sure that the app can deliver customers and pays on time.