What is it?

Tech mistake |Flume is an application for Mac. It is designed for an opportunity to run Instagram on thecomputer. For now, there is no need for opening the browser and visiting URL pages. The app allows you to do almost the same that you could do from your phone. You can see your feed, watch videos, like and leave comments. It gives you an ability to share images you want on the Instagram without using a phone. Probably, the main to-do list of your actions on Instagram. The only problem is changing your profile photo. Try to change it and the app will move you to the web version of the Instagram.

The application has a nice design. You are given a floating window where you will see all images. It is possible to switch feed to two different formats. One is very convenient for scrolling, while another one gives you an opportunity to see pictures of the bigger size. You can also open any picture in its original size which is especially good for any kind of landscape photos. It has cool blur background that was used by the iOS up to its 8 version.

When you select any photo you will be shown all comments and likes under it. As it was said above, you’re able to leave your comments and like something just from your desktop. Flume provides you with a few more functions. For example, you are able to download an image to your computer or share it via Facebook or Twitter. If needed, you can just copy photo’s web address. Flume is an app for Mac, so it is completely usable with most of the Mac features like Mail, Messages, and others. Theapplication also supports VoiceOver and keyboard navigation, so it won’t hard to find something through the app.

Flume has been translated into more than 25 languages, including Voice over and Touch bar. If you are following some people from other countries, Flume’s translation function can be helpful for you.

Probably, one of the most useful things the app does is desktop notification. A small trifle, nothing special at all. However, when you’re working or surfing the net, these notifications are very convenient. During work, they can give a small 2 minutes break. And if you’re surfing the net, they can help you not to get stuck at the computer for hours.

Well, despite the Instagram developers announced in 2015 that all third-party apps wouldn’t be allowed to get an access to the Instagram feed. For now, Flume Instagram is available on its own site or you can download it from Setapp website.

You can get a free version or buy a Flume Pro. The difference between them is that Flume Pro allows you unlimited uploads and multiple accounts. In the current version, you can’t upload photos without updating the app to Pro. If you think it worth 10$, you can try it. Unlike other popular things now, this is a one-time payment, but not the subscription. Notice, that Instagram can forbid access to oneself for any third-party apps at any time. However, a free version seems to be enough for a common use from your Macbook, unless you want to share photos captured on your webcam.

So, Flume is an app that moves Instagram to the desktop of your Macbook. It allows you use all main functions of Instagram and it provides you with a bunch of some nice features

For a single 10$ payment, you can get an expanded version that allows you to upload photos and use multiple accounts.