Tech mistake |Website’s homepage is one of the most important avenues of your overall marketing strategy. If done right, it can get you loads of new and returning customers. But how do you ensure a captivating webcopy written to precisely showcase your brand personality?

Let’s dive right into it.

But first, why are we talking about it anyway?

The average attention span of an online consumer is less than a goldfish. This should ring alarm bells for your online marketing strategy. The solution is quite simple. Write a compelling web copy and here are the expert tips:

1.     Follow the AIDA

First things first.

AIDA stands for:

  • A: attract
  • I: inform
  • D: desire
  • A: action

AIDA is a standard rule for copywriters to writeacopy so that the readers feel compelled about the quality of a product or service. To increase the conversion of your copy, you need to structure your copy on the AIDA format. Let me explain this step by step.

  • Attract: You need to create a catchy headline that can hook in the leads and they feel compelled to read your copy.


  • Inform:You need to inform the leads about the problems they are facing in their life.


  • Desire: You need to invoke in them the desire about how your services can resolve their problems.


  • Action: You need to trigger them to take an action.

This is the interpretation of AIDA and you need to implement it in your copy to increase the lead conversion.

2.     Research Your Products/Service

A web copy is a sales pitch for your products/service. Therefore, you have to first drill deeper into the various aspects of your products/service and how they can help your leads. This will provide you with enough grounding to create a compelling web copy that can help you sell your products like a pro.

Let’s say you are an academic writing service that delivers assignment writing services to students, you need to first learn about the needs of students and what they want in their papers. Once you do it, you will be able to create a web copy that can generate results.

3.     Create a Catchy Headline

We all know that headlines are important to grab the attention of the readers. It is the first thing that a reader sees in your copy, so it has to tempt the reader to the extent that he reads your copy. Make sure that the headline is not too long and it has the right keywordsto help your copyget ranked in the search engine.

4.     Use Bullets and Lists

A good copy is one that is created in the formof lists and bullets. Remember that online readers have atoo short attention span to read every word of your copy. By using bullets and lists, you can make it significantly easier for online readers to skim important information from your web page without reading the entire copy. Therefore, you should use bullets and lists sparsely on different sections of your copy.

5.     Add Product Description

Product descriptions are essential in a copy to inform your leads about the different facets of your products. It gives details of the various features of your products and how they can help your leads. Therefore, you need to add these details in your every copy.

6.     Use Selling Tone

A web copy is your sales pitch to persuade the readers about the viability of a product. So you have to bring out the salesman within you and pitch your products in a way that it highlights your product features and sets you apart from your competitors. Don’t just tell the good things about your products but demonstrate the ways it can simplify the lives of your leads.

7.     Optimize Keywords Strategically

A web copy alone doesn’t guarantee lead conversion unless it has the right set of keywords. No matter howgood you have written your web copy, it cannot produce the desired results if you fail to optimize the right keywords sporadically on its different parts. There are plenty of keyword analysis tools, such as Google AdWords, that will help you find out relevant keywords for your web copy.

8.     Use Short Paragraphs

As I’ve mentioned above, a good copy is concise and conveysthe point succinctly. Since you are dealing with online readers who have a shorter attention span, you need to keep your paragraphs as short as possible so that the readers can easily scan important points from your web copy. Don’t lengthen paragraphs to more than 3 lines max.

9.     Use Images

Images breathe life to your web copy. By using relevant images in your web copy, you can spice it up and it will seek the attention of the readers to important sections of the web page. So be more tactical with use of images and use them at strategic parts of your web copy.

10.                       Use Call To Action Buttons (CTAs)

CTAs are essential to let your readers know the right steps they can take to perform an action, such asgetting information, placing the order, or making a payment.You need place the CTAs at strategic sections on your web copy so that your leads know exactly what to do next.

11.                       Make an Edit

Editing is an important part of ensuring the quality of a web copy. Editing your copy ensures that your copy has no silly grammatical and spelling mistakes that can offend the readers. So you must run a spell-checker on your web copyand make it free from any grammar mistakes or spelling goof-ups.

Writing a web copy is a creative job. To make sure that your copy converts more leads, you must act on these expert tips.

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