What Is Social Anxiety About

Tech mistake |Millions of people around the world suffer from social anxiety syndrome, making it the third most spread mental health disorder. Even though this problem does not lead to any physical damages, it is still very serious as far as it prevents individuals from communicating with an outer world. This phobia of interaction with other people is not justified; the patients cannot get why they feel so negative about surrounding environment. Those who suffer from this syndrome believe that others won’t understand or accept them. As the result, patients experience inferiority, humiliation, and depression. If you feel better off alone in any life situations, it might be an alarming sign.

According to Social Anxiety Institute, approximately 7% of the U.S. population suffers from specific form of social anxiety. The lifetime prevalence rate for developing social anxiety is 13-14%. These numbers might not seem that shocking now, but without proper actions, the situation might get worse. Thus, it is extremely important to check whether you or your friends/relatives/beloved ones are captured into this trap. Here are the most typical symptoms of social anxiety. Additionally, you can learn more from this Social Anxiety Fact Sheet.


How in the World Should I Treat Social Anxiety?

#1 LISTEN TO OTHERS. You may wonder, but social anxiety is usually caused by selfishness. By realizing there are other people too, the patient will cope with his/her ego which prevents this person from communication. It is crucial to stop thinking other people are staring at you or discussing only you. Keep your attention to what other people ARE REALLY TELLING each other. Join the conversation instead of avoiding it.

#2 MANAGE YOUR BREATH. Slow down and smoothly breathe. Why are you always in a hurry? Sit comfortably for a while and think of something relaxing like sea. There are many useful techniques. You can find the most popular by moving to Relaxation Techniques for Stress Relief .

#3 CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE. Bad habits are especially dangerous for those who face social anxiety. Restrict the amount of caffeine, avoid alcohol beverages, and better quit smoking. Also, get adequate sleep – no less than 8 hours per day!

#4 TOSS AWAY ALL YOUR NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. C’mon, stop shaking in your boots every time the guy on the street is following you just because he leaves nearby. Don’t pay attention to other people screaming at each other in public transport. Avoid places and people that really annoy you. Attend cinemas and theatres where you can rest.

#5 USE APPLICATIONS THAT DO WORK! The last but not least favorite method on this list. We’re living in the age of technological progress, so why won’t you use it to improve your mental health? As Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports, anxiety involves post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other forms of disorders. Every kind needs a special treatment, but there is one tool that works well for the entire population suffering from social anxiety – app for overcoming this syndrome. David Ahern, a psychologist who directs Brigham and Women’s program in Behavioral Informatics and eHealth, says: “There are tens of thousands of apps, but very few have an evidence base that supports their claims of effectiveness.” Thus, by analyzing the best apps of 2016 which showed excellent outcomes and proved to be effective, this Top-3 was created in order to ease your choice.


  1. Positive Activity Jackpot

The question of price: Free (Android only)
Deals with: Anxiety & Depression3
What you’ll get: Despite its name, this is not just another gambling game. The authors were just too creative to come up with a medical app designed in such an original way. It looks like a jackpot game. Developed by the National Center for Telehealth & Technology, this application is focused on a therapeutic technique known as Pleasant Event Scheduling (PES). After downloading it, the user will find joyful and edifying activities based on location and personal interests. The app motivates user to attend places of interest, do some sports, join clubs, and more. You can plan your activities, meet and invite friends, store best spots for further usage. The app also offers favorable options.


  1. Youper

The question of price: Cheap (Android and iPhone)
Deals with: Social Anxiety, Depression, and Shyness
What you’ll get: Now this one can be called the first mobile platform to cope with social anxiety and shyness. It does not matter whether you wish to feel more confident in different social situations: from giving a public speech to communicating with other people. To begin with, discover your anxiety level to know how much efforts and time it might cost you to overcome this problem. The app is personalized, so each user will find it helpful. Besides, it is based on scientific studies. The app is also useful for achieving patient’s goals. Loyal customers highlight the following benefits of Youper:

  • The app contains breathtaking stories and game-like interface.
  • Apply digital tools to control your anxiety.
  • Set your own goals, and explore the journey to achieve them.
  • Science-based. The Youper’s co-founder is a psychiatrist.
  • More than an app. The app serves as a digital platform to raise your confidence.


  1. What’s Up?

The question of price: Free (Android and iPhone)
Deals with: Social Anxiety
What you’ll get: As it was mentioned above, cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the best ways to get rid of social anxiety disorder. However, not everyone has an opportunity to attend special groups in various medical centers. Thus, there is an option to download What’s Up app in order to learn more about your own thoughts and feelings. This app will help to unlock new emotions. You’ll master anxiety management in a few days. You will discover how to rationally approach your fears with a sober mind. You will determine negative thinking patterns. The app involves breathing techniques, habit trackers, cheering citations, chats, and games.

Don’t miss your chance to overcome social anxiety once and forever by getting one of those apps from Apple Store or Google Play now!

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