Tech mistake |In today’s techsavy world, sharing knowledge is not just limited to writing and publishing books or papers. Sharing knowledge, any ideas or your perspective about any idea is now very easy. All thanks to internet. The language most preferred for sharing one’s view is “English”. This is because of its worldwide approval. Millions of people are acquainted with it. English can be tricky sometimes. Its grammar and phases might not always be satisfactory and might be mistaken easily. Here’s when “GRAMMARLY” comes to rescue. Grammarly is an online tool for correcting grammar. It is preferred by many bloggers, writers to check their grammatical mistakes and thus making their writings error free.

Why premium grammarly account?

GRAM MARLY provides both free and a “Premium” version. The Premium version needs to be bought and provides many more features as compared to the free version. Along with the grammatical errors, it corrects spelling mistakes. It also reviews tenses, suggests verbs, corrects subject verb agreement and many more. It also facilitates “Alternative word” which helps in increasing the vocabulary score quotient of your writings. A very important feature provided by Grammarly is its “Plagiarism Check” feature. This checks if any sentence is repeated or have been posted somewhere else. This helps in a positive way and pushes you to make your writings unique. Due to addition of many new features, the Premium account is always chosen over the free one.

Given Below Are Some Ways To Get Grammarly Premium For Free


Using Referral Link

Grammarly now has started a new referral system for its new customers. From mid 2017, Grammarly offers one week Free Grammarly Premium Account to every free Grammarly users who refer Grammarly to more people. Referral can be done through the referral link that can be copied and pasted whenever needed. Using the referrals we can take advantage of free premium service for 1 week.


Using Grammarly Edu Access Code

Using codes, for accessing free Grammarly Premium Account is foolproof idea. These codes which I am going to talk about below works well. For creating a Free Grammarly account you need to have a new free account. The procedure to signup is really easy. Signup grammarly> enter name, e-mail, Password. Once you follow these above steps, a new screen will appear which will mention enter access code.Now some of the codes are listed below-













Try your luck successfully with these codes. After the application of any one of these codes successfully the Grammarly premium account would be open for you and will be accessible for free for a lifetime.


Using Grammarly Premium Account Id’s

Now this is the most legit way to use a Grammarly Premium edition and that too for free. You don’t need to be tech-savy, entering codes and cracking websites for this. All you need is a set of previously created and updated Grammarly premium account id’s and hola! You are done. The steps to do this includes going to the grammarly official website and logging it with the below enlisted emails and passwords-

  1. ID-


  1. ID-

Password -techwebsites789

  1. ID-


The above listed accounts along with their id’s work correctly and won’t cause any hassle either.


Get Grammarly Premium Account Via Flikover

First and foremost for those who have no idea what ‘Flikover’ is, It is a type of website that launches SEO tools which comprises of many famous tools such as Semrush, Aherf , KWFinderGrammarly Premium etc.

In Flicker most of the tools are paid but the tools are available at a very low price. Here the price goGrammarly Premium is Rs 150. Buy it once, and then fly miles away from all the difficulties in English grammar. The steps to do it are-

  1. Go to Flikover
  2. Create account.

(The account should be newly created. Even if you have an already existing account, it will be good to create a new one)

  1. Now install 2 Flickover extentions ..Flickover1 and Flickover 2.

You are ready to go.


By Using A Special Link

Now this is a tricky thing. The process of getting access to Grammarly Premium is super easy but, it lasts only for a week. This can be further extended by referring people. This will be beneficial for 1 week. The steps are written below-

  1. Signup into the Grammarly site using this link

  1. Install the Chrome Extension.

(It asks for details)

  1. Fill in all the details in chrome extension.

Enjoy the Premium Access.


By Becoming An Affiliate

This is a very good option for those people who are routine bloggers and writers. If you publish writings and blogs and are very active in writing and have a good social presence, this trick might help you out completely . Become a Grammarly affiliate by following the steps listed below and then you will be able to have an access to the Grammary Premium account without spending even a rupee. The steps are as follows-

  1. Apply for the Grammarly Affiliate Account .
  2. Get the notice of Approval after a few days.
  3. After the account gets approved, you earn money for every user you refer to the Grammarly.

Now enjoy Premium access for free.

Note- Another way that can help you with this is that, send a message to Grammarly team regarding free access. If they are impressed by the offer then they might give some extra free monthly access.


Reviewing Grammarly

This is a very nice option for all the bloggers. If you are a blogger and people are connected to you through you blogs and publishes, then this is an idle option for you. Grammarly pays 25$ to those who reviews about it on their blogs. Earn the money and use the Grammarly Premium option and help yourself. This is a two way rule. In one way, Grammarly helps to improve your blogs by correcting spelling mistakes and making it more correct and the other way you review grammarly and earn money.

Learning and correcting English is now a need and using Grammarly for this is a great idea. The only problem was money, which i have solved in this article. Follow the above noted methods and you will be able to have access to Premium Grammarly Service for free.