Tech mistake |High definition video or, simply, HD video is a video of higher resolution and much better quality than a standard-definition one. Among high-definition video sources can be founda direct-broadcast satellite television, terrestrial broadcast, digital cable television, Blu-ray discs, modern digital cameras and smartphones, YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu and other video hosting sites, and video game consoles.

Nowadays there exists common high-definition and ultra-high-definition video modes. The 1st one includes such frame sizes as 720p, 1080p, and 1440p. The Ultra HD stands for 2000p, 2160p or 4K, 2540p, 4000p, and 4320p or 8K, which is pretty new and currently is not too very popular. In most cases the bigger the definition is, the better is the video quality.

Although the HD video lets you enjoy high-quality picture and color paradise, such videos occupy too much space on your hard drive. A full HD video might steal over 70GB of your free space. In this case, you’d better convert your video to a smaller resolution to be able to keep more movies on PC. Of course, it’s not the only reason why one might need a good converter with HD support.

Among other common cases there are:

  • You need to send a video to your friend
    All email services don’t allow sending files larger than 10-20MB. And it’s very difficult to find a file sharing site or a cloud service that is capable of keeping huge HD videos for free. Besides, your friend might have a poor Internet connection, and he wouldn’t be happy to download your video for days.
  • You want to keep a movie on a smartphone or tablet
    Although modern portable gadgets can keep large files, there is no real reason for doing it. You could barely enjoy all HD videos pluses on a small screen. Moreover, the playback of such file may occupy all the RAM.
  • You would like to add a video to a presentation
    No doubt, it’s not great to insert a heavy video to a presentation, especially when you need to send it to your co-workers or if you should present it on a limited-power PC.
  • You want to upload it to YouTube
    Although YouTube can handle large videos, it’ll take a lot of time to upload it. Moreover, you’ll likely loose viewers whose connection is not great to watch HD files.
  • You need to burn a video to DVD
    As you know, the DVD doesn’t support big HD movies. Thus, if you hope to enjoy your video on a DVD, you should transform it to a smaller size.
  • You need to upload a video to your website or blog
    Again, keeping an HD video on your hosting might cost you a lot. And don’t forget about users with expensive traffic or low-speed connection.

In case you face one of these issues, the paragraphs below are right for you. Let’s learn how to convert an HD video to meet your needs.

The 1st and the main thing to do is choosing a reliable HD converter. The best option is Freemake Video Converter. It’s free, easy-to-use with a number of great features.

Now let’s check what conversion option will suit your scope best of all.

Convert HD a file sharing siteor cloud service

Whenever you want to prepare your video for online sharing, you’d better convert it to MP4 or AVI since these two formats are accepted by almost all sites. To do it with Freemake Video Converter, follow the simple steps:

  1. Download the software from the official Freemake site.
    Please note it can run only on PCs with Win Vista or higher. Server versions are not supported. Install the software and launch it.
  2. When the software appears on the screen, click the “+Video” button and choose a file you want to convert. You can also simply drag-n-drop movies into the program.
  3. Choose “to AVI” or “to MP4”.
  4. Select one of the ready presets. Better choose the smallest one. The software will show you the estimated video parameters. In case you don’t like any of the pre-installed presets, you cancreate your own one by clicking the blue cogwheel button. Manually set the necessary frame size, bitrate, video codec, and other parameters. Save the preset for future usage.
  5. Now click the “Convert” button to transform your HD video.

Convert HD video for portable gadget

The procedure of converting a video to smartphone or tablet is pretty much the same. The only difference is that now you should choose your device manufacturer on the format panel. For example, if you use an Apple gadget, go for “to Apple” option. There are also buttons for Nokia, Blackberry, Sony, and Xbox. Freemake offers ready presets for a great number of devices. However, if yours is not in the list, repeat the step #4 from the paragraph above.

Convert HD video for a presentation

To convert a video for a PowerPoint presentation, select “to WMV” option. The software will create a file ready for pasting. Depending on your equipment and PC capacity, change the HD video settings to medium or low ones.

In case you don’t need parts of your video in a presentation, click on the “Scissors” button to run Freemake Editor. Now select the start and the end points of a part you want to cut, and click on the Scissors below. Don’t forget to click “OK” or the parts will remain in the video.

Convert HD video for YouTube

Freemake Video Converter offers a direct way to convert and upload an HD video to YouTube. To do it, just choose “to YouTube” option. Insert your login and password and click “Convert”. Please make sure you gave permission to 3d party apps to use your account info. You can check in your account settings.

One more thing to keep in mind is that “to YouTube” option is great for videos no longer than 15 minutes. Longer videos will be cut into parts.

One more way to upload a video to YouTube is to convert it to MP4 and upload manually. This option is great if you want to set a particular size, frame rate, bitrate, and other parameters of your video. You already know how to create a preset. As for the size, when you select “to MP4”, click the weight sign above the “Convert” button. Set the size you’d like your video to have. Please note the output size may slightly vary from your choice.

Convert HD video for DVD

Everything is pretty much easy here. You don’t need to set any parameters. Just choose “to DVD” format, choose a menu, insert a blank disc, and click “Burn”. If you want to burn the disc later, select desktop or any other folder as a destination one. The software will save your video in DVD format on your PC.

Convert HD video for website or blog

Freemake Video Converter is a must-have if you are a website owner and post videos on a regular basis. It has a feature to convert HD video to HTML5 format. The software provides a code that you need to just copy and paste to your webpage and your video in three formats (WebM, OGV, and MP4). The three video formats are needed for a stable playback in different web-browsers. To convert your HD video to web-formats, select “to HTML5” output option.

Here is how you can convert an HD video for various goals. Please share this information with on your social network account.

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