Tech mistake |Blackberry continues to reinvent itself; it now offers a blockchain solution for the ultra-secure sharing of data in the healthcare sector.

After losing its smartphone market share, Blackberry turned to mobile software and the security sector, adding its new platform Blackberry Spark, which it describes as the only Enterprise of Things (EoT) designed and built for ultra-secure hyperconnectivity.

BlackBerry says its blockchain solution will ensure that data input by patients, laboratories, and Internet of Things biometric devices will be tamper-proof and anonymous. The data can still be shared with researchers, however..

Global Commission, an organization working on ensuring that children with rare diseases are correctly diagnosed in order to expedite their treatment, will be the first to try out try out the new technology. Global Commission’s technology pilots, a press statement said, “will explore how BlackBerry’s new solution might provide real-time, actionable analysis as the [Global] Commission seeks to use technology to shorten the time to diagnosis.”

Blackberry has also designed a highly secure operating system for secure medical devices known as QNX OS for Medical 2.0, which it described as a real-time operating system for the development of robotic surgical instruments, patient monitoring systems, infusion pumps, blood analysis systems, and other safety-critical products that must pass stringent regulatory approval.

Blackberry chief executive officer and executive chairman, John Chen said the company was applying its “expertise in security, data privacy, and communication work in regulated industries such as automotive, financial services, and government to tackle one of the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry: leveraging healthcare endpoints to improve patient outcomes while ensuring security and data privacy.”

The digital transformation of healthcare will be imperative as the industry’s business model shifts from a fee-for-service to value-based care. Healthcare innovations to speeding up the delivery of quality care and the patients’ experience will stand out among the biggest healthcare trends for the years to come.

This is a significant foray into the healthcare sector for Blackberry. Previously, the company bought minority shares of health tech firm NantHealth in 2014. Blackberry was to help NantHealth build a platform to connect medical devices in Indian hospitals.

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