Tech mistake |Protecting your important data in your computer with a unique and strong password is very important. Nowadays technology is advanced and we have different types of protections system like fingerprint, and other biometrics protection system in your smartphones and in your computer and laptop. However protecting your data with using strong password is an important and useful thing.

In this article we will explain different types of password tips and tricks. In this article we explained resetting a lost windows 7/8/10 password, generate secure and safe password .

PassFolk SaverWin

If you locked your computer mistakenly or forget your computer password, now you want to access your computer then Passfolk SaverWin is the best choice for you. Passfolk is the best software which saves your computer from the re-installing the operating system and also saves your data. Passfolk saverwin remove your password in only simple three steps one is download the software second is burn and third is reset your password.

Passfolk Saverwin reset your password in two different ways CD/DVD and USB. This way makes easy to crack any types of password it doesn’t matter how difficult it is. It supports 300+ computer models and tablets like Dell, HP, Acer, Asus and many more. The best part of this software is that it is totally free so you can free recover your computer password with the help of Passfolk Saverwin.

Bypass 7/8/10 Windows Password With Professional Tools

This is a third-party tool for Windows 7/8/10 password recovery  (Paid tool),this tool is very popular and fastest tool ,First this tool will help you to create a bootable password disk using external storage device like CD/DVD or USB, and this disk will be used to remove the password of your Windows 7/8/10 computer. With the help of this tool you can remove password of any account like administrator, Microsoft and many more. If you don’t know how to use this tool then follow this guide.

What else do you need to do ?

First ,you must have another computer to install this software

After installing the software insert a USB Drive and launch this tool ,now by clicking the drop down menu select your USB name and click on the Burn USB button.

When the burning process is complete then plug out your USB and insert it in your locked computer and wait for the software to load on your locked computer

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Now select your windows version from the Select A Windows option and select your username also after this click on the reset password and wait for few minutes and that’s it your password is removed and you can easily use your computer without any password.


NT Password Offline and Registry Editor

NT Password Offline and Registry Editor works better as a password reset tool than as a recovery tool. This is achieved by removing the Windows password and thus leaving a soft password for the user.

The person who cracks is required to download the free software of the ISO file NT Password Without Connection and ISO Registry Editor and burn it in a storage such as a CD, DVD or flash drive. Then, start the computer from the burned device and you can easily connect without requiring a password. The software is very convenient in case you want to erase the password.


The NT Password less Connection tool and Registry Editor is very compatible with some versions of Windows, such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows New Technology. In some cases, this program requires a command line to use it, but it is very easy to follow the instructions for advanced users until you have finished deleting the password.



All the tips and tricks that mentioned in the article will definitely work to reset your windows password and you can easily access your important data of your computer hopefully you did not have to reinstall your complete operating system but in my opinion free method is best for you.