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Where do I generate Aatrix electronic Federal Tax Deposits (EFTPS)?

Tech mistake |Important: Only the latest version of Sage 100 Contractor is supported for the current tax year. Year-End updates will not be issued for older versions of Sage 100 Contractor. To ensure that your software is current with all government-required processing and reporting changes, open your Sage 100 Contractor company and click Home and Resources > Sage Support > Downloads and Updates.



Pay your Federal Tax Deposit Coupons (EFTPS) through Aatrix eFiling

Federal Tax Deposit Coupons (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System)
Beginning January 1, 2011 the IRS stopped accepting hard copy tax deposit coupons and instituted the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS). EFTPS was set up to provide taxpayers a way to make payments electronically, instead of mailing them. Using EFTPS benefits users because they can make payments at any time, day or night, from anywhere, by computer or phone. EFTPS also reduces payment errors. And you can schedule payments up to 120 days in advance of the payment date. Did you know that EFTPS Federal Tax Deposits can be made using the Aatrix eFiling feature?

How does Aatrix eFiling Work?
When you sign up for Aatrix eFiling, you provide information about your business bank account (routing number and account number). Once your account is verified, you make payments electronically using this system, just like any online banking or bill payment system. You can schedule Federal Tax Deposit (EFTPS) payments ahead of time and schedule as many payments as you want. When a payment is made, you receive an acknowledgment of the transaction.

Where do I generate Aatrix electronic Federal Tax Deposits (EFTPS)?

For Sage 100 Contractor

  1. Open 5-4-1 Federal Forms
  2. Click Federal Tax Deposit (EFTPS)

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