Tech mistake |Need to present your pipeline and opportunity wins and losses to your team? Copper lets you sync opportunity data to Google Slides presentation templates.

Create a Google Slide template with opportunity data

  1. Sign into your Google Drive account.
  2. Click the ‘New’ drop-down, and choose the option to create a new ‘Google Slides’ presentation: gs1.png
  3. This Slides presentation will be a template that you’ll create copies, from so give it a name that is easy to reference later:Screen_Shot_2018-01-22_at_1.09.06_PM.png
  4. Access the Google Slides setting in Copper:
    • Sign into your Copper account, and select ‘Settings.’
    • Under ‘Preferences,’ click ‘Google Sync Settings.’
    • In the second box that appears on the main page, click the blue ‘Show Merge Tags’ button: GSlides.png
  5. In the popup window that appears, you’ll see a list of merge tags that map to opportunity fields. You can copy these merge tags by clicking the copy icon to the right of each field, or you can copy them all at once by clicking the copy icon at the bottom of the popup window: gs4.png
  6. Once you have your field(s) copied, go back to your Slides Presentation template and paste them in the Slides: gs8.png
  7. Once your slide template is complete with merge tags in place, you can populate it with data from opportunity records. You’ll do this in Copper.
  8. Click the ‘Opportunities’ link in the left-hand menu.
  9. Click the opportunity you’d like to create the presentation around.
  10. Click the ‘+’ sign next to ‘File’ on the right-hand side of the opportunity record.
  11. In the menu that appears, choose the option to ‘Merge into Google Slides’: GCal7.png
  12. You should now see a popup window with instructions to Push Data into Google Slides. Click the blue ‘Browse Google Drive’ button.
  13. Click on the slide template you previously created, and click ‘Select’: gs9.png
  14. Give your custom presentation a name you’d like to save it as, and choose where you’d like to save it in Google Drive.
  15. Click the ‘Create & Merge’ button. This will create a copy of the Slides template you previously created, push the opportunity details into the merge tags and save it as the name you chose. gs10.png
  16. Now, you’ll see a new file related to the opportunity. You can click the file to open the Slides presentation and see that the data has been pushed into the Slides. gs12.png

And just like magic, a new Slides presentation is created with custom data from your Opportunity!


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