“Hi All, I have a client who has two plants one for country A and other for country B and they also have country specific items/products aswell. The client is integrating a division in country B. Currently the SAP system is set up (UOM) Weight as LB and Volume FT3 (cubic foot) however they would like system to convert the items from LB to KG and Volume from FT3 to M3 (cubic meter) and also vise versa KG to LB (M3 to FT3). I also would like to know does UOM has anything to do with Sales Doc Type and are we able change the total weight & volume manually during the creation of a sales order? The same sales order can contain both countries lines items, is it possible that system will do the convesion on line item bases currently it is converting as per plant number. Thanks in advance experts.”


These conversions are to be maintained in Material Master under ‘Additional
Data’ ‘Unit of measure’ tab. If the sales unit is different from base unit
of measure, you need to maintain in the Sales org1 sales unit field.


Hi Vamsidevata,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Do I new to create a new UOM, as currently they are using LB & FT3 or it
can be achieved by just editing the existing?

Do I need a FM module to do this or as you suggested just go in the Mater
Master, I have not done this before and do not want to make a mess in the
system 🙂

Appreciated your input it is helpful.



I have checked in the system and I do not have Additional Data Tab under
Mat Master in my client’s system.

I have selected all the views.



Additional data will not be with regular tabs, but on top, if you see, there will be a button additional data with an arrow mark on it.

Warm regards,

“”Your attempt may fail, but never fail to make an attempt.””


Guys, I would like to confirm that UOM in SAP are hard coded and as per my
requirement LB to KG (FT3 Imperial to Metric M3) do I need a FM or User
Exit for this, or would I be able to achieve this without FM/User Exit?

Great help so far really appreciate it.



Hi Experts,

Please advise me how I would be able to make the changes advised by Vamsi &
Saratvamsi, I am in the additional data/uom tab. There’s a possibility that
this might be basic for some however I am after some steps will really
appreciate it.

I would like to confirm that UOM in SAP are hard coded and as per my
requirement LB to KG (FT3 Imperial to Metric M3) do I need a FM or User
Exit for this, or would I be able to achieve this without FM/User Exit?

Great help so far really appreciate it.




Go to mm02, select he fields req., go to additional data on top tab., go to
UOM tab & maintain the conversion req.



Hi All,

Surendar, thanks for your input much appreciated.

I would like to clarify one thing that If I go ahead and do these changes
and by any chance if changes will not as per the client’s requirements then
would I be able to reverse these changes/is it easy to reverse?



Ian, I hope your not planning to make these changes in production. Even if you are doing this in development, please create only sample data. If it doesn’t work the way you expected, you can always go back.

Warm regards, Sarat.


Hi Ian,
The conversion factor between LB and KG is not something you can decide for yourself; this has been set in concrete since Napoleon. If you attempt to set up a UoM conversion of e.g. 3 LB equals 1 KG, SAP will correct the data automatically. The fact that e.g. a KG weighs a KG is not to be disputed and is hardcoded in the system.


Hi Dutch,

Thanks for your reply.

I think I did not put my question properly. The country A has LB & FT3
setting and country B has KG & M3 settings.

I have raised two sales order one with plant/country A the other one is for
plant/country B.

The 1st sales order has been raised on plant A and it has one item from
country A and two items are from plant B the weight should be LB and Volume
should be FT3. The system has converted everything to KG & M3.

The 2nd sales order has been raised on plant B and it has two items from
plant A and one item from plant/country B so this weight should have been
converted to KG/M3 however it is LB/FT3.

If we have plant A (Sales Order) and all the items are from plant A then
there’s no issue. It is same for plant B however when we have cross plant
items then it is behaving differently.

I hope this will explain the issue.

Best Regards,



I got your scenario. Wanted to ask you if you have tried this one.

When you enter UoM in the sales order, you can directly specify what you want like KG or grams or whatever. System will automatically calculate the conversion from the UOM you maintained in the Material Master. It works fine for KG and gram, but i am not sure if it is the same with other weights of measurements. Please give it a try. My apologise, if it didnt work. I am only trying to suggest a way.

Warm regards,

“”Your attempt may fail, but never fail to make an attempt.””


Hi Ian,
The general UoMs are plant- and sales-org independent, but the sales UoM is maintained on the sales org view of the material master. Perhaps there are discrepancies in the master data settings there, please check. But as the previous poster suggested the UoM can be entered on the order directly as well, and you can set the sales UoM as being non-changeable by means of the indicator VAVME on the material master sales org view.
Your scenario seems to indicate your shipping between continental Europe and the UK. Which brings to mind an old quote from Margaret Thatcher: “”God created the Channel for a reason””.
Good luck,


it does not matter where the client is located this is master data
we have clients/plants/DC world wide and what makes a difference is the way
the Uom and alternative unit of measure are defined


I know. It was a joke.


Hi Ian,
You can convert BUM from one UOM to the others with ration in additional material master.
Thank you.
Lamhot Sinaga


Hi All,

I am sorry about the late reply and a *Big Thank You* to all who have

I have tried entering manual data such as Weight/Volume but it does save to
the LB/FT3 but it is not calculating from KG/M3 due to some reasons.

Here are the setting I have in Additional data – UOM

X Y Bun
EAN/UPC Ctg Unit of Diam Vol Weight

1 1 EA 5050993060340

1 6 EA same

1 24 EA same

1 50,000
EA Blank Blank
Blank Blank Blank

The system is behaving in this way at the moment:

Sales Order 1 – this has two US items on a UK sales order. The weight
should be flipped to KG and the volume to M3 however it is LB/FT3.
Sales Order 2 – this has one UK items on a US sales order with other US
items. The weight should be LB and the volume to FT3. Currently – it is
converting everything since there is one item on the sales order that has
KG and M3.

Thanks in advance.



The settings ( Here are the setting I have in Additional data – UOM ) due
to the text formation gone pair shape in my previous message, so I thought
put them again in the correct order.

X (all are 1)

Y (1, 6, 24, 50,000)

Bun (all are EA)

EAN/UPC (5050993060340, 5050993060340, 5050993060340 and last one is blank)

Category ( C2, C2, C2 and Blank)

Unit of Diamen.. ( CM, CM, CM, and Blank)

Vol (M3, M3, M3 and Blank)

Weight (Kg, Kg, Kg and Blank)



Dutch gave you your answer above – have you checked your material master data for the sales unit for the sales area concerned (one assumes that you have separate sales areas for the different organisations that want metric and imperial appropriately)

If you are saying you sell by the EA or Case for example but still want the weight conversion then you will need to create additional units of measure as copies of the existing.

So EAU, CSU for example would be US copies and would have weight measures in imperial instead of the metric used for the european entries EA and CS. Within each sales area for the material master you then just need to make sure you set the correct sales unit.

You haven’t mentioned your sales unit above (although at least I didnt see it quickly reading through the thread) and that is key to everything, and perhaps why people are a little confused by your predicament.


Hi Yogi,

Thanks for your reply,

My sales units are:

Denominate (all 1)
Aun (40′, EA, Gb and MP)
Measurement Unit Test (40′,-2000 cubic ft, 44000 lbs, each, gift pack and
master pack)
Numerator (5,155 & 1, 1, and 2)
Bun (all EA)



Sorry I don’t understand that.

In English long description what do you actually sell? Is it a container
load of stuff? Is it a case of mixed materials? etc.



Hi Steve,

Yes, container as well as mixed materials. The client has over hundred
thousand items for US and over 7 thousand for UK.



But what do you sell the container or mixed materials as?

Clearly not a KG or LB presumably.

So do you put on the sales order 1 EA of a container material master code
containing 50 x, 100y, and 2000z? (whether or not you just list this as a
material or explode a BOM doesn’t really matter too much) – so lets say for
example CTNX01

Are you saying you want the system to report a gross weight of 44,000LBS
when the Americans order it and 20,000KG when the Europeans order it?

If so then you need two units of measure an EA for KG’s then a EAU in the
additional units of measure where 1 Ea = 1 EAU with LB as the weight unit
(you don’t have to capture the actual weight the system will do
conversion). Then make sure the American sales org has sales unit EAU, and
the European sales org EA on the material master data.

Of course given the Americans sound like the larger part of the business
you might want the EA to be in LB’s and the alternate copy of EA (perhaps
EAE) in KG.

Maybe I’ve misunderstood what you want but if what’s above is pretty much
what you are trying to achieve I don’t know how to do it without creating a
‘dummy’ UOM to do the conversion.

The question and ans was originally published here.