Tech mistake |Since Apple has done launching iPhone 5S to the marketplace across the world, many of you must be carrying this Smartphone. Along with the official release of iPhone 5S, Apple also introduced the world its brand new Smartphone operating system, namely iOS7. However, it has not come out to be much stable as compared to its prior versions, viz. iOS6. Well, apart from the ones who review such products, users also have come across a number of issues while using iPhone 5S. Thus, if you also carry iPhone 5S, you may surprisingly come across any of the issues that many others have reported till date. In order to help you out, we are going to uncover common issues with iPhone 5S.

Blue Screen of Death

Blue Screen of Death is abbreviated as BSOD, which you probably have come across in reference to PCs. Well, iPhone 5S users also have come across a similar problem in which they run into a dreaded blue screen of death, which does not seem to disappear, no matter what technique you may put into practice. As reported, the issue is primarily observed when a user using Pages, Keynote, or Numbers in documents editing presses the Home button, it may lead to the bug, namely blue screen of death. However, people have also come across the same issue with other iOS apps using iPhone 5S, where it oftentimes sinks into a reboot loop.

Digging deep introduces some likely technical issues like because iPhone 5S embeds a 64-bit processor to process 32-bit apps. Well, Apple developers are putting a lot of toil to fix the issue at the earliest. Though there are not a fix for the issue, following tricks have fixed the issue for many ones. You may also try.

I.) Exit or close the applications properly before you press the home key.

II.) Make sure you update all the applications installed on your iPhone 5S to be compatible with iOS7.

III.) Go to Settings > iCloud > Documents & Data and slide off iCloud sync for iWork apps.

IV.) Contact Apple professionals for help.

Well, in case you are not able to fix the issue, and the situation becomes like, you come across data loss, recover your lost data using a professional photo recovery tool. In worst cases, you are recommended to contact Apple professionals.

Flawed Sensors

According to many users, iPhone 5S embeds flawed sensors that do not work properly, or sometimes, they do not work even. You can compensate with the issues if you access an inclinometer by swiping left in the Compass app. However, you at the end of the day cannot get it working adequately. Besides, people also face similar issues with Compass, gyroscope, and accelerometer. The criticality of the problem may vary with the user. In addition, the issue may be found in other smart phones as well.

To get the issue fixed, all you can do is to take your iPhone 5S to Apple Store and ask for replacement or necessary fix. However, according to the people who got their iPhone 5S replaced, the similar issue is also there with the new one. Thus, it sound that there might be some software or hardware issue, which an update may fix if it is found to be a software issue. Otherwise, wait until Apple recognizes the issue and finds its fix.

Noisy and Clattering Buttons

Another annoying issue with the iPhone 5S is its Home and Power button. As notified by most of the iPhone 5S users, both of the buttons (i.e. Home and Power) produce clattering sounds if they shake it, as in they are loose. Those who went to Apple Store for replacement got to know that the issue is not associated with a specific handset they own, but with the brand new ones as well. So you accept it as this is how iPhone 5S are manufactured. Another feasible cause of generating rattling sounds may be its battery is loose.

If you are willing to get the issues fixed, the better way is to take your iPhone 5S to Apple Store and discuss the issue. After a proper checkup, may be they are able to fix them. Well, if they are not, it will be better if you ignore these sounds and not to ruin your iPhone experience. After all, you cannot throw an iPhone away like a useless and annoying plaything.

Bad Microphone

iPhone 5S users complain about its bad microphone that does not pick up their voice clearly while on calls. Also, the voice recorded in various apps is not audible clearly. Though it is not sure, the issues have been experienced because of some internal issue. In order to fix the them, you can try having a check on the following:

I.) Check if you have removed the protective film from its screen and other areas.

II.) If you face the problem while using a specific app, check if the app is granted the permissions for microphone access. For this, navigate to Settings/ Privacy/Microphone.

III.) The cause of the problem may also be like that your iPhone case and noise cancellation feature are interfering with each other. Remove iPhone case and check if it makes any difference.

IV.) If nothing works, visit Apple Store and discuss the problem.

Excessive Heat and Early Battery Discharge

Though many iPhone 5S users have not come across the issue, it does not mean that we leave it without having a productive discussion on it. Those who have experienced it say that a fully charged battery turns to an empty one right in front of the eyes after a few minutes of usage. Well, the issue most likely seems to be with the hardware, but how can we not expect iOS7 to be the cause of the issue. This can surely be due to some problems in iOS7 or any of the applications installed on it. In order to try fixing the issue on your own, do the following:

I.) Back up your iPhone 5S and go for the Factory Restore. After that, install necessary applications only.

II.) Install an application that reports ongoing activities in order that you can manage them. Most likely, you can recognize the culprit and fix it.