CMOS battery failure symptoms
CMOS Battery

Tech mistake |CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) is an essential component of every desktop computer and laptop. CMOS is a part of the motherboard which holds the important configuration’s data. CMOS stores system date and time, BIOS password, etc. CMOS is powered by a small Lithium battery which is also called CMOS battery. All data stored on a CMOS is erased if it stops getting power from CMOS battery and the computer is restarted.

All data stored on a CMOS is erased if it stops getting power from the battery. Here are some of the typical symptoms of a CMOS battery failure.

CMOS Battery Failure Symptoms

The most common symptoms of a bad CMOS battery are:

  1. Incorrect System date and time every time you turn on your computer. Because CMOS is not getting power while the computer is turned off so it cannot hold the time and date settings.
  2. The system may play a beep sound with an error message like CMOS checksum error or CMOS reading error.
  3. Your Computer’s BIOS password is erased every time you restart your computer.
  4. You may face some driver or hardware issues.
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One or all of the above-mentioned symptoms can occur when a CMOS battery is not providing enough power. But the most typical symptom of a CMOS battery failure isincorrect system date and time.