Tech mistake |A dialog box is a JavaScript element widely used on websites to convey information between user and webpage. To avoid any disturbance to users, these dialogue boxes come with an option to temporarily disable them. The option is displayed as a checkbox with a message prevent this page from creating additional dialogs. If the user clicks on the checkbox, then the browser temporarily disables any further dialog boxes from that particular website.

If the dialog boxes are permanently disabled on your browser and you want to enable additional dialogs then follow these methods.

Prevent additional dialogs in Chrome and Firefox

As mentioned above this ban is not permanent and when we close our browser and re-visit that particular web page our browser will again start displaying dialog boxes. After restarting your browser if the problem is still there then try these methods to enable additional dialogs.

Re-enable Additional Dialogs: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE

Open your browser and visit that particular website from which you are not getting dialog boxes and do page refresh using Ctrl+ f5 keys. It will just bypass any cached version of that web page and load a fresh copy.

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This method works with Linux and Windows users. If you are a MAC user, you can do this by using CMD + shift + R keys.

Undo prevent this page from creating additional dialogs by clearing the browser cache

In some cases clearing your browser cache may also be helpful to resolve the issue. After clearing cache, close all browser windows and restart your browser.

How to undo prevent this page from creating additional dialogs By Resetting Browser

If the above-mentioned methods didn’t work for you to enable prevent this page from creating additional dialogs, then next thing you can try is to reset your browser. Resetting browser is a powerful way to solve most of the errors.

How to reset Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer

Follow these instructions to reset Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

  • Chrome: Click the menu at the top right and go to settings. On the bottom of the page, click show advanced settings. Then click reset settings button located at the bottom of the page.
  • Firefox: Click the menu at the top right and click the help button. Choose troubleshooting information from the help menu and on the next page click refresh Firefox button. After finishing the refresh process, Firefox will automatically re-launch itself, and also it will save all your old data in a folder named “old Firefox data“ on your desktop.
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prevent this page from creating additional dialogs firefox
Reset Firefox
  • Internet Explorer: Goto Tools >> Internet Options  . Now go to advanced tabs and press the reset button located at the bottom of the window.

I hope this tutorial helped you to enable prevent this page from creating additional dialogs setting on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and other browsers.