Content marketing has become a staple for most businesses’ marketing efforts. Having a company blog is a great way to show your expertise in the industry. It builds relationships and as well as extends your reach with your audience thanks to social sharing. Seeing as they are the fifth most trusted source of information on the web, blog posts when done the right way can effectively persuade your visitors to purchase your product or service without being too overbearing. Creating high quality content for your blog is an art and a skill that helps you establish rapport with your audience and builds a relationship on trust while positioning your brand as an authority in a particular industry. This article will discuss the many and simple ways that you can use to create content that resonates with your audience.

Define Your ROI Measurements

When you are starting a new blog, it’s important to define ROI or the success of the blog post otherwise you risk investing a lot of time and resources into a futile cause. To define your ROI you can start of my asking yourself one simple question: what do you intend to achieve through your blog? There are different goals that different brands set out to achieve with the blog including more social shares, increased organic traffic, new leads, more revenue, better audience engagement and many more. Define your goals and then use metrics to help you analyse the progress you are making towards achieving them.

Focus On Quality over Quantity

There is a common misconception that putting up as many blog posts as possible, two three of five times a day, will work wonders for your marketing efforts. However, there is no proof that more blog posts translate into more traffic and a higher ranking on Google Serp tracker. Posts that offer an in depth look into the industry and provide a unique outlook when compared to other sites often thrive. This is not to say that you shouldn’t post regularly. Posting consistently is the key, otherwise your audience will think your site is dormant. However ensure your posts are informative and relevant. In order to be consistent make a content schedule, one that you know you can deliver and stick to.

Meet Your Consumers Needs

Coming up rich quality content for your blog is not always easy. A great place to start is to think about questions that your target consumers might have, and how you can help answer such questions. Tailor your blog content in such a way that it answers these questions, solves problems or gives useful advice in order to make you content relatable and shareable. Aside from knowing what your consumer needs, it also helps to simply know your consumers period. What do your consumers want, what are they interested in? What are the talking about? Answering these and many other questions helps you form the basis for your content, which ultimately resonates with your users. Aside from these, you can also look into current trends and viral social conversations that are affiliated with your business or area of interest. Everyone wants to understand what is happening today, however it important to step back and see the bigger picture in terms of what will happen in the future. Analyse the current and future trends in your industry or with your target consumers as this have an impact on your business.

Think like A Leader

When thinking about the content you want to create, approach from a leadership point of view. Ensure that your blog relays your expertise in that particular topic, offers useful insights and sparks conversations that are relevant to your audience and is in keeping with current news, trends and environment. Approving content creating and marketing with a thought leadership mentality will see your audience trusting your brand and ultimately investing in your products and services without having to make an aggressive sales pitch.

Think Beyond Text

Think of all the things you would like to put in your blog or the message that you would like to relay to your audience, and then write down all the ways you can communicate it. There are plenty of platforms or channels to share your brand’s message and different ways to get your message across. This could be through images, videos, audio or slide shows. You can use any of these media formats on their own or combined them. For instance you can add a short video clip to your blog Post.

Be Strategic

Another great yet often overlooked tip when it comes to creating high quality content is having a plan on the topics you would like to talk about. You can come up with five topics to start of with that are in keeping with your consumer needs and then optimize each category on its own. This will ensure that you think and plan on the content that you want to write on and ultimately boost your SEO ranking.  Once you have identified the topic, lay it out on a blog of about 700-2,000 words that comprehensively covers all the topics and subtopics.

Have a Copy Editor

Creating content is not an easy fete even for the very experience, and so it’s helps to have another set of eyes going through your content to ensure that it’s optimum. You can hire a copy editor to go through your content sieving out any mistakes that you might have missed.