Every marketing department to have a successful marketing campaign that reaches the highest number of people, attains and even exceeds the targets that they have set and uses the least amount of money thereby offering a return on the investment.

With numerous online marketing and channels strategies available now, you must spend considerable time in deciding which ones suit your business and marketing goals best otherwise you can overrun your budget and not have the results to show for it. You’d rather choose a few marketing channels and have an effective marketing campaign than try to be everywhere and get overwhelmed.

Here’s how to have a successful online marketing campaign.

Know your target audience

You need to have a clear who the target audience of the campaign are when conceiving the idea. You should their consumption habits and the media which you are likely to find them on.

Different demographics have different habits and you need to know all about it every if you are to have a successful campaign.

This information should then guide you on which marketing channels are suitable for your marketing campaign and how you need to craft your message so that it resonates with your target audience.


Ideally, you’d want to have unlimited access to resources but this is neither feasible nor possible and you must have a budget for your marketing campaign.

Your budget determines the strategies and the channels you adopt for your marketing campaign and the duration for which your campaign runs.

Different marketing channels have varying costs and you need to consider this when coming with your online marketing campaign. Different marketing strategies also come with different costs. For instance, email marketing costs significantly less than a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign and has the potential to reach more people for a given amount of money.

Choose the appropriate channels

Theoretically, you can have a marketing campaign on all the online marketing channels you can think of but it will cost you a fortune and chances are you won’t get a return on your investment.

This because you will be spending your money and time on people who aren’t your target audience and therefore irrelevant to your business. This means you will be spending money on a campaign that doesn’t give you the sales and revenue you need for your business.

Choose between 1-3 marketing channels that reach the most people among your target audience.

Monitor your performance

You must monitor the performance of your marketing campaign. You can get metric monitoring tools at Adwatcher.Com which helps you keep tabs of your campaign on multiple channels and also detect any evidence of click fraud that may cost you money without the conversions to show for it.

Ad monitoring tools also help your identify the most effective keywords so you can reach the maximum number of people.

By monitoring your campaigns, you are able to identify the ads you need to drop and which ones you need to improve to make them even more effective.