Creativity without limits is something that is banded about a lot. However is creativity really unleashed with rules?

How have limits changed the way we communicate today then?

To give an example, if you look at all the blogs out there with limitless potential, who’d have thought of limiting your point of view to the masses would take off. Then twitter came along with its 140 characters and redefined how we consume our own personal news feed. It’s worth thinking, what would happen if meetings were only 30 minutes, emails only one sentence long and conference calls 10 minutes long? Ok maybe that is an irrational thought. Can this continue to evolve then? Think YouTube. Limitless video, create any video of any length on any topic. Then Vine comes along with its 6-second video length and some examples out there are incredibly creative, Zach King as one such example. Does this mean limits create the best creative ideas? Not always, but challenging individuals to think differently, can produce extraordinary results. So how does this change in the real world in relation to brands and their products?


Who is doing this today?

Here are some examples of where limitless and restricted creativity have created Frankenstein’s monster or a Faberge Egg. The first example I want to take a look at is in the automotive industry. A car design brief is issued to refresh an existing model, the Morris Marina. The result being a face lifted car called the Morris Ital. A car, which only shared its name with the Giorgetto Giugiaro’s ItalDesign studio nothing else!