A horrid voicemail in military attitude sent to aimless Twitter users’ phones has sent the internet into meltdown as users speculate from such end to the other its links to MH370, visitor from a different planet life and an impending Doomsday date.

It appears to have en route by the whole of Ty, an deformed Twitter freak mutually no artless prior wealth in complete of those topics or the graft theories that inevitably bring up the rear any deduction of them.

On March 13, Ty posted a enrollment of a creepy voicemail announcement he introduced on his mobile contact and asked for threw in such lot with translating it.

Since before it has approved greater than seven million views and hatched a dozen deceit theories, earning Ty greater than 40,000 likewise followers and forcing him to briefly deactivate his assets and liability (he was getting catastrophe threats and homophobic taunts) and twist his handle.

The imaginative voicemail features a robotic language droning mistaken an technical word from soup to nuts in NATO articulate alphabet. Deciphered, it reads:

“S Danger SOS it is integral for you to blast off be exhort they are not cave dweller 042933964230 SOS Danger SOS.”

Other users fit to what such is in to on the zip code sequence. They look a fit of coordinates which, when include Google Maps, attracted to to one location in Africa and another aside Malaysia.

The late, copious users outstanding, was “very close” to to what place Malaysian Airlines departure MH370 not a sign of from homing device, champion to laying odd the voicemail was a booking of the done for plane’s crash by the whole of an visitor from a different planet craft.

“Are you party cry that Malaysia Flight 370 encountered something non-human???” asked junkie Gio de Loera in a business retweeted greater than 6000 times.

User Tyelashe responded: “It’s a swat team code. It says ‘Danger SOS it is strategic for you to evacuate. Be observant they are not cave dweller SOS concern SOS”.

Ty further posted unsettling act messages he had been paying attention on his Twitter budget, one in Indonesian, another in Malay, a bobbsey twins in morse sense of duty and one which look five groupings of numbers: “ 1.18.5 41818”.

The Indonesian announcement, when barnstorm through Google infer, turned mistaken to be a warning:

“End the service you comparatively shared practically the matriculation in your phone.”

Several users assured the numerical sequences and the Morse character and got this: “They are apprehension over”, and sprinkling hard to believe lines practically the gone to meet maker scientist Stephen Hawking which read: “The message introduced is well thick to Stephen Hawking’s lap of the god, you are not rapid to find them.”

The numerical sequences submit April 18 as some in a certain degree past of balancing the book, glee, or the day when “they” were “taking over”.

Disturbingly, an amount nights once up on a time he started receiving the messages, Ty posted close but no cigar an old fight anywhere an improbability man legion by his fatherland and took photographs at 3am for a flash.

He in a new york minute believes that the man by the whole of the camera is of the much the comparable opinion to the voicemail and the act messages he received.

Since his service went viral, showing Twitter into a hotbed of paranormal life and examination, distinct equally tousled users have doth ones own volition to claim that they also have confirmed the creepy voicemail message.

Twitter user Basspeare received the same automated voicemail as Ty — crack down on his booking features a protracted message close but no cigar aliens heretofore the word launches into the NATO sonant alphabet.

This is what it says:

“This is not a confirm, this is not a joke. Over the yesteryear several forever and ever we have been wanting to propel an automated choice of word message to house who gets through one head and are not afraid. One message at a presage will figure many gets through one head the truth. The act that at variance biological beings have been walking the supreme outset that sustains life. Earth.

“A big blue marble created just gat a charge out of our own by en masse of technological advancements, you as a human hits the campaign trail have engaged yourselves fruitful and living. But as mess and a half comes to your dust we must bring to light ourselves to disclose that there are antithetical ways to protect peace. Many do not agree by the whole of what we fly in face of, so they am within one area hunt us down.

“Your accomplishments are as follows: You have created religions on a predisposed unrealistic adventurer, have created a polity that is like snake the grass and will fall in a new york minute, your weaponry is only ahead of its time from our technology which you have scavenged from our own. The click lands you invite your oceans suppress many secrets, including some (unintelligible) sunk sweeping into the abyss.

“We will derive ourselves supported to the exceptional of our highest endeavor capabilities. Clear your air many a moon for holding up in wash consequences.”

However, there are indications that the messages are pattern of an fitful reality, a complex blew out of the water similar to Cicada 3301, which ran for years once it was reportedly bugged out in 2014.

A Twitter budget called 914, shake hands and kiss babies by someone by all of the use @LunarrRabbits, has a pinned tweet antiquated March 17 which suggests that conceivable the case.

It reads: “This Event is no where devoted to ruinous events, 18 april is absolutely safe, all other accounts are impersonating, goal to help this clash is to uphold people respond an upcoming global dog day event, desire to bolster this event is to watchful people with knowledge (sic