The call center is an outsourcing service, which is the core to addressing customer’s call and reaching patrons via a telephone call. The process in which customer’s grievances, complaints, and queries are addressed diligently on a phone call so as to offer the most suited solution is termed as the inbound service.

The inbound service is also popularly termed as the customer support. On the other hand, outbound call center services agents reach the prospects and customers via a phone call in order to promote a product, service, and offer. Sometimes, an outbound call is made to provide information to the potential customers.

Both of the services are useful and both possess different characteristics. Let’s go through them one by one:

Outbound Call Center Services:

As said, outbound call center agents make the phone call to customers/prospects with an aim to either promote a discount offer, product and service or to educate the patrons about some update in the offerings. There are many applications for the outbound services. Few of them are:

1.     Telemarketing

The concept in which goods and services are marketed through a telephone call is known as telemarketing. Every business hires a telemarketing team in order to increase the sales figure and build a bigger customer base. The outsourcing companies offering telemarketing services have agents who are extremely proficient and skilled in customer interaction. Therefore, tying up with a preeminent company for telemarketing service can raise the overall profit.

2.     Lead Generation

Generating lead for the business is not new to the marketers. However, with the inclusion of call center services, the approach to lead generation has become somewhat new and better. The outsourcing companies gather data about your target audience and try to develop a need for your offerings.

The lead generation companies hire agents that utilize different tactics such as online, telemarketing and direct mail strategy to extract information about potential customers for your business.

3.     Surveys

Conducting customer survey over a phone call plays a vital role in outbound call center services. The survey helps the outsourcing companies to find how many of the customers are happy with the product quality or service level. Knowing the customer satisfaction level can offer a head start to any business. You can design your product or service in accordance with the customers’ requirement, which, in turn, offers your brand a reputed image.

Inbound call center services

Applications for the inbound call center services are:

a)    Customer service

Offering a sterling level of experience to the customers by solving their issues, queries, and complaints is called as customer service. Pre & Post purchase, customers try to reach your company on a phone call in order to raise some complaint, issue or query. Here, the outsourcing companies hire agents who are specialist in managing customers’ call and providing adequate solutions in the least possible time. The more impeccable your service level is, the more good customers will jump to your business.

b)    Helpdesk

This is a type of inbound service, which is known to offer assistance, guidance, and solutions to IT related issues. These services have numerous professionals with various job responsibilities. Apart from educating users with crucial information about computers related issues, the help desk agents also appraise the main problem. Businesses hire apt help desk companies because they understand the fact: Keeping customers happy is paramount to the success of your business.

c)     Order taking

The order taking services is highly popular among restaurants, e-commerce firms, online shops, and many more. Companies hire experts who hold prowess in taking orders from customers with precision and within the time-frame. With a competent order taking service provider, businesses mainly aim to provide a boost to their sales generation process.

d)    Troubleshoot

This is a simpler form of inbound service. Customers call the agents to get the repair or advice on former’s IT related issues and queries. Contrary to the conventional definition, the troubleshooting has expanded its reach to incorporate support services such as pre & post sales, technical, remote, network-tech, onsite, remote IT, and so on. These 24/7/365 available agents ensure to offer an unmatched level of service experience to your customers.


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