The Best Way To Find Which Size Dehumidifier Is Best for Your Home

Choosing dehumidifier size is tricky. You need dehumidifier which is big enough to work, else there isn’t any point to buying one. You do not need to spare your money if it isn’t necessary, and dehumidifier works perfectly when it is the proper size.

No doubt, size isn’t the only factor, however, it is necessary to consider. This article will tell you how to size your house and other factors to consider.

How to Size A Dehumidifier?

With the size of the dehumidifier, it means a number of pints of water it eliminates from the air in a day. Size doesn’t mean physical dimensions, although those that eliminate more water from the air are somewhat larger as compared to those designed to eliminate less water.

To pick the right size, measure the square foot area of your home as well as the dampness level in your area. For very damp area choose bigger dehumidifier. A very damp area means where walls and floors sweat or feel damp when touching or the area where you hang wet clothes to dry. For less damp area or area with a musty odor, smaller dehumidifiers are best. With area smelling musty, mold growth is possible and it must be addressed.

This chart can allow you to size dehumidifier for home. If you’re confused between 2 different sizes, go with larger than both.

Dampness level of the area? Covered Area 2000 sq. ft. or smaller Covered Area 2500 sq. ft. Covered Area 3000 sq. ft. Area 3500 sq. ft. Covered Area above 3500 sq. ft.
Feels or smells damp or musty 25 pints/day 30 pints/day 30 pints/day 35 pints/day 40 pints/day
Feels extremely damp and walls or floor sweat 35 pints/day 40 pints/day 45 pints/day 50 pints/day 60 pints/day
Extremely damp, floors or walls feel wet, used where hanging clothes to dry and showering 40 pints/day 45 pints/day 50 pints/day 60 pints/day 70 pints/day

You just need to buy a dehumidifier on a single floor, like as inside your basements. But, you may need more than one dehumidifier unit, depending on the layout of your house and where you feel the higher levels of humidity. If the whole house is felt too humid, you just need to look into whole house dehumidifier or a furnace dehumidifier rather than a portable standalone dehumidifier unit.

Frigidaire is one of the most popular dehumidifiers out there. It offers a variety of sizes. Generally, they are available lightweight, compact, portable and easy to install and operate options. With easy to install means they go with ease of just plug and play. Most of the best dehumidifiers come with energy saving ratings, which means they are good for planet earth as well as your pocket.


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